Video Games from the Villain's Point of View

Cracked.com writes: "We asked you to go back through some of your favorite games and show us what it might look like through the eyes of one of the characters who are trying to kill you."

MintBerryCrunch4453d ago

the GTA one made me laugh, pretty ironic

this article reminds me of this video, i didnt understand a word, but its hilarious nonetheless



Forgotten Genre: Remembering the Best Vehicular Combat Games on the PS2

Wreck through every opponent like a tank with this list featuring the best vehicular combat games on the PS2.

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LEC Announces New Regulations to Limit Top Player Salaries

ESTNN writes: "The new LEC Sporting Financial Regulations will set a threshold for the sum of the highest-earning players in each team. Here's what the SFR does."


Yuki's Roguelike Action Unleashes a Mixed Reality Mode in October

Yuki's getting a mixed reality mode in October for Meta Quest headsets. The free update arrives for the launch of Quest 3.

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frosika3255m ago

I definitely cannot wait. Growing up with beat em ups and shoot em ups arcades in the 90s was a true joy and gem back in the days. This reminds me exactly of batrider, twin cobra, and others...