New Asura's Wrath gameplay trailer revealed at Comic Con

A short gameplay video was released that show of a new Sci-Fi like level

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DevilishSix3752d ago

Looking forward to this game. I have heard it's like a hyper God of War game. Now that I have seen it, I am excited that it does have a GOW feel but with that Japan gaming flair to it.

Capcom looks to have a good potential with this and Dragon's Dogma next year.

I am surprised to see such promising new IP's this late in a console generation.

Unicron3752d ago

Agreed. I'm excited for this game.

Bigpappy3752d ago

Krazy! But I need to play the demo to truely get excited.

Raider693752d ago

frankly capcom lately dont have shit for the hardcore fans rereleases and dlc its what they do... and Asura's its not even been made by them.They had brilliant minds but let them go, the Capcom of the 80th and 90th is dead i really hope tha dragon dogma lives up to the title of what this company used to be.And Asura's its looking great but the credits shoud first go to CIBERCONNECT 2 and not Capcom!