Top Five Reasons Free-to-Play Works and is Gaming's Future

Erin Gibson: "Gaming is a very expensive hobby. We all know that. It’s one of the reasons free-to-play MMOs have become so popular in recent years. The future of gaming, or more specifically the future of MMOs is in free to play. If you doubt me, you just need to look at some of the company models that use to be pay to play and you’ll see the clear shift in the way things have gone. Now here are 5 reasons why free to play is the wave of the future."

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ATiElite3476d ago

It's FREE! that's why it works.

what more do you want? back!

DEA Fresh3476d ago

Number one reason it isn't the future. Games are selling millions of copies at $60 a piece then can hit you w DLC at $10+.

I've never like free to play because if you're not shoveling out money for upgrades you have a very diminished in game experience. I like paying up front for a full featured game and if I want to add life to it I get the DLC