Console Gaming Won't Be Taken Down by Android or Apple iOS

Quentin McIntyre: "Gaming seems to be one of the most interesting hobbies in that more debates surround it than some political races. The most recent conversations that have gamers lobbing insults back and forth is that the increase in the popularity of mobile gaming on non-traditional hardware will be the fall of console gaming."

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Pixel_Pusher3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Oh it won't take it down but it will take a nice chunk of the market.

GunShotEddy3476d ago

It's only mobile fanboys and clueless bloggers that think consoles will die off. You didn't even mention cloud gaming btw.

vgchica3476d ago

I agree. It's just anoother case of Chicken Little screaming "the sky is falling".

Dwalls11713476d ago

At the end of the day a phone is a phone..... NOT A GAMING SYSTEM

Ricardoportillo043476d ago

oh boy really i was starting to get worried -_-

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The story is too old to be commented.