The History of Zelda: Chapter VI

The world had been left breathless in the wake of Ocarina of Time. It had taken a staggering five or so years to develop. Now Miyamoto wanted to make a new adventure, and he wanted it to take only one year. Those twelve months blew out to 24, and Miyamoto had placed a new person as director. Eiji Aonuma lead the team to develop a title that, at Miyamoto's direction, would take no where near as long as Ocarina of Time, less staff to bring it all together and would run on the same game and graphics engine.

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BIoodmask4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

has always been good. Ocarina of Time is still my all time favorite. Even more so than Twilight Princess. Majora's Mask was still definately up to the Zelda franchises quality. Although I don't think it was as popular as the other in the series.

The only Zelda game out of the entire franchise that I didn't care for was Zelda: The Adventure of Link. Side-srolling wasn't the way to go with Zelda.

SmokeyMcBear4091d ago

ok forgive me all you nintendo legend of zelda fanatics.. but something I never understood, well partly because besides the original on NES, I never played any legend of zelda games, but i've always been wondering, is it the same link everytime, or is it a totally different person set in a different universe. Kind of like with the FF series where every world and universe is different. Im just wondering if link is a different link in every game.. thanks

Marceles4091d ago

Supposedly it's a different Link...the hero's clothing is the same and past down to a new Link, but the person is different. There's blond and brunette Links, but as far as appearances I don't think they'll change his actual look that much other than making his hat longer and making him look more mature in Twilight Princess

Marceles4091d ago

Every major Zelda after it has been following the Link to the Past formula in 3D other than Majora's Mask

snoop_dizzle4091d ago

ocarina of time is still my fav. I liked the newer Zelda games, but they just aren't the same.

DeckUKold4091d ago

Majoras Mask is the best Zelda by far

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