PS3 LIMBO’s Little Secret Is…

When it was first announced that LIMBO would indeed be coming to the PS3, Playdead confirmed that there would be a “little extra secret”. Then eariler today, Playdead CEO confirmed to VG247 that the “secret” was additional content. Now, we’ve got details of how to access this additional content.

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decimalator4216d ago

I know nothing about this game, I really need to try it out

Sev4216d ago

You sure do. It's fantastic. Amazing atmosphere.

The Matrix4216d ago

Having already played this game I advice everyone to pick it up...maybe when it gets below $10 since it's so short.

RedDead4216d ago

How long about would ya say?

Zashule4216d ago (Edited 4216d ago )

Get the triple pack with Trials, Splosion Man, and Limbo for $20 new at Amazon, or cheaper used if you can find it.
Edit: Or best buy has it on sale for $10 this week.

CameronL994216d ago

In a sentence to sum this game up, its as if Mario was made by overly depressed emo junkies who wished they would die in all the ways you can die in this game.

JellyJelly4216d ago

RedDeadDestroyer - 3½-4 hours. Tops.

Undeadwolfy4215d ago

Got the trophy and did the hidden level yesterday, my god was it hard... I wont spoil it

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subtenko4216d ago

I looked at that pic and it looked like the kid hanged himself! Now why does the DeadIsland cover have to be redesigned again?


Legion4216d ago

I believe those are actually spiders legs and he is holding on.

Just remembering the game play.

mantisimo4216d ago

I'm sorry am I missing something?

I love arty and atmospheric games (ico my favourite) but to me this is just a platformer and a not very responsive one either.

If it wasn't black and white and had a happy sound track no one would give this a second glance.

I'm all for supporting indies but I just don't understand the hype, sorry :(

schlanz4215d ago

@ above

Though the platforming itself is nothing to write home about, the puzzle elements are pretty good.

All in all its a good game, definitely stands out from other dl games. Not worth $15 though imo.

PSN just needs shadow complex and splosion man (and Ms.) and I'll have no more xbla envy.

JonnyBigBoss4216d ago

Awesome! A great treat for Limbo fans.

T3mpr1x4216d ago

It's for the gold diggers.

Harelgur4216d ago (Edited 4216d ago )

Wow, thats really exciting.

Close_Second4216d ago

How long is the game as its priced at $24 on the NZ PSN.

pixelsword4216d ago


...basically an hour longer than Heavenly Sword?

(Just being real here, folks; I loved HS and I own it, so I'm basically saying the Limbo's a great game so in perspective it's not at a bad price when you consider other games at an equal caliber.)

NMC20074216d ago

I beat it in about 3 hours, unfortunately when I was done I never wanted to play it again.

Darkfocus4216d ago

I beat it in an hr and 1/2 first time through... 6 sounds like you haven't played the game and feel a need to defend it...either that or your just really terrible at video games..

dragon824216d ago

Heavenly Sword is longer than 5 hours if you play it on the hardest difficulty. All these people complaining about how short it is just need to step their game up.

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Legion4216d ago

I am guessing that isn't US dollars?

I think it was only 1200 MS points when I got it. which was like $15.

It's a great game. Obviously some people aren't going to enjoy it as much as others but worth your purchase (at least at the US $15 price) if you are looking for a good quality title.

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