Confirmed: Limbo PS3, PC has extra “secret” additional content

VG247: Both the PS3 and PC versions of Limbo has extra additional “secret” content over its 360 brethren at release, VG247 can confirm.

mantisimo4517d ago

Maybe it is worth $15 then to all the naysayers?

hennessey864517d ago

was worth 15 dollars in the first place, its an awsome game and im happy ps3 and pc players get to play it.

ksense4517d ago

Well 10$ would have been too good to resist but I think it is fair. Just think of it as spending on a quality movie that you went to see at the movie theaters. I bought it yesterday and started fooling around and like two hours later I am still dying and playing the game.

From looking at the comments this game might end soon lol but whatever it was an enjoyable and creepy experience. Damn spider scares me

Godmars2904517d ago

Except - to a degree anyway - it wasn't worth $15 when it was only on the Xbox. Really doesn't do anything graphically or game mechanics wise to justify a high price. Presents itself and story well, but that's basically it.

Like Braid, the only reason its $15 is that it was first offered on XBL as an exclusive.

despair4517d ago

Its a solid enjoyable game, why must it need to do something outstanding or new to be worth the price, great games are not always revolutionary.

Also Braid was and still is something special, a remarkable game that was worth every cent. I for one can definitely understand the fight against normalising $15 downloadable games(I've complained on occasion) but sometimes there are games that are worth the extra fiver, I think braid was one and Limbo as well(for the most part)

Godmars2904517d ago

Because opinion is subjective.

And in my opinion something with limited replay value and simple graphics isn't worth $15.

Hard Corps or Shadow Complex is worth $15, the Tomb Raider game was worth $15 though I only paid $10 because it was on sale, but not Braid or Limbo. The only reason they were, again in my opinion, is because they were highly profiled and the only place you could get them was on XBL and the 360.

Hell, Sony probably would have asked for $15. Pretty sure Pixy Junk Shooter was $5 more than the original - though both are likely guaranteed to stay on PSN.

despair4517d ago

Replay value is overrated if you ask me, 90% of games I play and enjoy I never return to so I guess replay value is also subjective.

But you are right, quality and content is subjective, take Dead space 2, I played about 3/4 of the game and just stopped and never went back to it and I'm ok with that and don't regret buying it for a second, maybe I'll return to it or not but it was a worthwhile purchase for me and that's what matters.

If you don't see Braid or Limbo as worth the price then I can't argue with that, its your opinion, but I can put forward my own opinion and it just happens to be opposite yours :)

ambientFLIER4517d ago

"Really doesn't do anything graphically or game mechanics wise to justify a high price."

What? Have you actually played it and looked at the style? I've never seen anything like it before...

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KeiserSosay47884517d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they added a few more puzzles with all the extra development time.

KwietStorm_BLM4517d ago

I've heard the game is only 3 hours long. True, untrue?

JoGam4517d ago

$14 is too much for a short game. Maybe if it was $9.99.

GoldPS34517d ago

$15 is cheap for a 3 hour game. That's $5 a hour. Movies at the theater are $10+ and last a average of 1 hour 30 mins.

despair4517d ago

if you feel the game is not worth the price then don't buy it, but length is not everything in a game and I'll take an amazing 3 hours game over an ok or even good 10 hour game. That said I do think its a bit short though :(

despair4517d ago

one of the trophies is to beat the game in one sitting and die less than 5 times, so that tells you its not a very long game...oh and the dozens of reviews on it as well, but I like my deduction better :)


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JagX22111d ago

Wouldn't the answer here be ... all of them?

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VenomUK120d ago

It's now time for somebody to go up to Xbox Live Gold whilst it's fast asleep, then hold a pillow tight over its mouth until it stops breathing.

crazyCoconuts120d ago

This is game pass though. Doesn't seem that much better right now.

Profchaos120d ago

Looking at the quality of games mixing the two up in this case it's an easy mistake to make

BrainSyphoned120d ago

I forgot Everspace 2 released so I'm happy with this month.

Profchaos120d ago

Well I guess we know where all that gamepass money is going right into a giant s labelled bucket

DeusFever120d ago

Microsoft is spending $70B on Activision. That doesn’t leave a lot left over for other AAA games.

monkey602120d ago

I've really wanted to play A Short Hike and Airborne Kingdom for a while now so it's cool they've been added but yeah I don't see this exciting the masses