14 Not So Secret Secret Sequels

Games Radar uncover the worst kept secrets in game development:

"It's hard enough keeping the simplest of secrets. But, when you're a successful, well known videogame developer, keeping a project locked down in the folder marked 'Confidential' is an almost impossible task, like herding cats. Cats made out of whispery adjectives and hushed verbs. It's just like that.

And when these closely-guarded secrets concern the development of sequels to popular (read: massively profitable) new games, loose lips and the leak-friendly nature of the Internet mean we regularly know a new instalment is being crafted long before the official announcement."

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Relientk774051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

screw any sequel u basically tell me...

the only sequel I really REALLY want to see is


waiting since 2001 since the Diablo 2 expansion came out

I have Hellgate: London... my friends call it Diablo 3... I say thats BS, Hellgate is a good game but it does not match the Diablo Franchise, no way... its an unbeatable pc franchise in my opinion

when Diablo 3 comes out ... nothing will stop it... it will be the pc game of the year and one of the biggest selling pc games of all time ... just like diablo and diablo 2

Diablo 3 FTW (the waiting is killing me, Blizzard please make/release this)

Charlie26884051d ago

Have you played Titan Quest + Expansion?

That game saved me from going insane till Diablo 3 is released :)

And every fan of Diablo 2 should check it out

aba4051d ago

I keep tellin my WOW playing friend that Diablo 3 will destroy it. Hes in denial.

Relientk774050d ago

yea i have played Titans quest its a decent/good game .. I like it

and yea also agree to the person above me ... yea Diablo 3 will completely rape WOW ... I just hope .. and pray that Diablo 3 is free online ... I hate paying to playing... u should buy the game and there should be NO OTHER COSTS .. cuz thats complete BS

Maldread4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

Can`t wait for Team Ico`s PS3 project, Black 2 could be interesting, and God of War 3, i don`t think i have to say anything about that one.

Hope Blizzard comes out with Diablo 3, so the wait can finally be over for those of you who want it.

And this is just in !!!! There`s a sequel in the making for Duke Nukem: Forever,and it`s cleverly called Duke Nukem: Never...sorry just had to ;)

mazirjones4051d ago

that game is a guaranteed masterpiece, like ico and shadow before it

Maldread4051d ago

Agree with that. I havn`t played ICO that much, but Shadow was awesome. I still havn`t managed to beat it though hehe ;)

Firewire4051d ago

umm the link doesn't work for me?

chetan4051d ago

link don't work for me too....

someone fix the link

solar4051d ago

no linky worky for me either. i wanna see a SoTC sequel....soooooo....freakin.. ..bad......imagine that game with ps3 graphics.

lynx1halo4051d ago

an almost impossible task, like herding cats. Cats made out of whispery adjectives and hushed verbs. It's just like that.

just made me laugh for some reason

clevernickname4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

The real question is, why? Why keep the fact that you are working on the next iteration in a series secret? What possible benefit is gained from doing so? You're really only working against yourself attempting to keep a lid on the details that you will inevitably reveal at some point in the future anyway, so why bother?

All the secrecy surround future projects is an illness that game developers picked up from movie studios, and the game studios really derive no benefit from all the secrecy besides perhaps a marginal amount of hype.

It's stupid, so just stop now.

HeartlesskizZ4051d ago

is call building the hype. Every fan of halo knows theres a new one coming up in future but nothing is known about it so thats what keeps the hype alive =)
Is just like R*....they have reveal so little and is one of 08 most hype games =)

mazirjones4051d ago

if you release info on a game too early, the hype dies, and people forget after a while

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