Call of Duty 4: PS3 vs 360 Movies

Here they are - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare side by side for the first time. Since CVG posted a bunch of in-game movies from direct from the Xbox 360 retail code this morning, they've had numerous emails asking about the PS3 version.

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MK_Red4025d ago

I prefer comparison videos from GameTrailers and GameVideos but these are not bad.

jiggyjay4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

Isn't it sad that the 360 is able to keep up with the PS3.. i thought Sony said that the next generation doesn't start until they say so! From all the hype Sony gave it I thought the PS3 will have better graphics than the 360 right when it launched.. A year(a half)later you still have Sony fanboys wishing and praying that Multi Plat games and even exclusives will be equivelant to that of the 360s games! Sad sad sad! Good thing I didn't buy into sony's hype!

@PS3fans below- There was a lot bashing of PS3 fans and Sony itself about its competitors. So many statemetns made by Kutaragi about the PS3 will be the greatest thing to come out until the second coming of Jesus! That's the reason Kutaragi is no longer associated with Sony.. All you fanboys believed all that and now its just getting harder and harder to justify spending $600 on a GAMING CONSOLE. If you bought the PS3 for blu ray then you are probably getting your moneys worth. But if you bought it as a gaming machine then you probably feel ripped off. Specially now that you can get one for $399!

Violater4025d ago

there was def more rain drops in the ps3 version


Danja4025d ago

ever heard of Heavenly Sword...R&C....those are pretty stunnig graphically....Uncharted..??

they look the same ...big's nice to see that the Ps3 isn't getting inferior multi plat games ne more..that is overall pointing to good things to come for the PS3..

jackfatal4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

on the sea i saw 1 more wave on the ps3 version!
but i think the smoke is slightly better on the ps3 or maybe my imagination!

but they are the same!! maybe if u play the game on each console then u might feel a 1 bit different!! so there is no point on saying which is better!!

we all can enjoy the game now with out complains!! and i hope they keep this way from now on!! it just sucks when 1 console get the crapy version!!

LSDARBY4025d ago


Isnt it sad that the PS3's games are equally as good/better than 360 games not even a year into its life cycle compared to the 3fixme's 2 years.

HarryEtTubMan4025d ago

LOL @ JigyJay ..ofcourse they look similar this is a MULTIPLATFORM game, built from the ground up meaning the will both have good version. You want to see the PS3's power look at Uncharted, Lair, Heavenly Sword GRAN TURISMO 5, MGS4, FF 13, KILLZONE 2... 360 has NOTHING that looks like those games. I have a 360. Yea bioshock had pretty good graphics... but it couldnt run it at 1080p NATIVE like the PS3 can COD4 huh? And Bioshock even had a "lock" onthe framerate where it woud'nt run as good so the graphics could look better. And you can turn it off or on in the options menu. The 360 does good for a old outfated machine. But its still not going to run COD4 at TWICE the resolution like PS3 can *NATIVELY*....meaning using CPU power. PS3 has come around.... and it's only uphill from here on.

Ju4025d ago

@jackfatal you are not alone with the smoke thingy. But this was more like "do I see more smoke here ?". But else...identical.

Evil0Angel4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

i knew it, there is no way in earth PS3 will pull ahead of 360 in term of graphic.

@[email protected]@@1.12"..when u have more bubbles than me then speak to me xbot fanboy...""
i took bubble from you, (now u 2 have the same number of bubbles) and now you 2 can have prober conversation.

beoulve4025d ago

Keep up?? this is stupid. Activision purposely made both games the same despite which platform have the advantage or not. They dont want to pick side. Keep Up, get real.

jackfatal4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

okeey!!!! ur box is better than the ps3!! so wat? leave us alone!! or u have that much free time to waist posting here and in gamespot? i guess this means only one thing!! ur box have died on u and its in the service now!!
damn it!! just go to ur news!! or r u all jealous that u have no good news like us these days? if not then go away!! (shoosh)

this is gaming not mine is better than urs!!
this apply to u too "Evil0Angel"

TheSadTruth4025d ago

okeey!!!! ur box is better than the ps3!! so wat? leave us alone!! or u have that much free time to waist posting here and in gamespot? i guess this means only one thing!! ur box have died on u and its in the service now!!
damn it!! just go to ur news!! or r u all jealous that u have no good news like us these days? if not then go away!! (shoosh)

this is gaming not mine is better than urs!!
this apply to u too "Evil0Angel"

Sony fans are the ones that glorified the PS3 has the end-all console and said all multiplatform games would be far superior on the PS3, which hasn't happened yet aside from Oblivion. Grow up kid. Learn to speak english instead of spending your life playign video games.

jackfatal4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

when u have more bubbles than me then speak to me xbot fanboy!!

beside i never heard such a thing that ps3 fan said ps3 multiplatform will be far better than the 360!! only in ur mind u created such thing to justify ur attacks on ps3 for no reason!! if u dont like it then dont buy it!!

bubble for u!! thats a normal gamers post!! u dont find these kind of statements among the xbots thats for sure!!

Lionsguard4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

That's because first of all most games are built on the xbox then ported over the ps3 and secondly the PS3 is harder to code for than than Sony promised. With games like KZ2, and LA NOIRE in the works it's only a matter of time before PS3 games exceed 360 games, that is unless they keep upgrading their xboxes thus making all other models obsolete because it'd be the only way to keep up with Sony. Of course this could all not happen as well.

Oh and let's not forget that the PS3 is still in it's FIRST YEAR. So the real question is "Isn't sad that the PS3 can handle just as good as the 360 even though it's been out for TWO years." That's right you all seem to forget that the PS3 came out a year later. If all the games promised for 2008 releases on time then it'll be one hell of a killer year for PS3.

Gizmo_Logix4025d ago

It goes like this. Sony says that nextgen gaming starts when they say it does. The PS3 brings HDMI 1.3, SATA, pushing 1080p standards, high-bit rate MPEG4 and PCM audio.

The 1st gen PS3 games aren't are decent. But not great. The multplat games are sub-par to the 360. XBox fanboys rant and rave about Sony's statements. Yet, Bill "the Goat" Gates starts putting in HDMI and pushing for 1080p games (as the follower he is).

So, on the one hand. Sony's games weren't ready. But the multiplats are getting better and better. This was a known issue since there's a learning curve required to learn any new hardware as complex and advanced as the PS3.

So, the PS3 is moving along fine. It's the 360 that has to keep changing their hardware in order to try and keep up. But the PS3 has a long plan and they thought things out for the long haul. Their vision is coming true. It wasn't long ago that xbots were saying that multiplats would never look better on the PS3. Well that's turning out to be false. And it will only get worse for 360 fan from here on out.


jiggyjay4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

Don't give me that first year crap! The PS3 was suppose to launch in March 2006 and it was delay because there wasn't enough blu ray diodes so it was ready then but just didn't have enough for a mass launch. Technically the PS3 is 1 and half years old making it just 6 months younger than the 360.. The devs had enough time working with it because they probably have the dev version for the PS3 for at least a 3 years now! That isn't my point though.. My point is Sony and its fanboys were claiming from the start the PS3 is going to blow away anything that the 360 can offer because of the power of the cell and because of Blu Ray! That's the reason why it was easy to justify a $600 purchase for many fanboys! So its sad now that they can have the same gaming experience on a $400 console than a $600 console! Compare it like this... Would you buy a first class seat that's $600 more than couch when you will get the same service and same seating as the couch section? Probably not!

@gizmo- Sony does the same thing but they do a lot more and are more arrogant about their statemetns! Hmm remember the quote "rumble was last gen?" "next gen doesn't start until we say so".. Talking about changing hardwares.. How many different SKUs has the PS3 gone through? I think the answer is 4.. How many different price drops have they gone through? 2 from my last count..

info4025d ago

This is really getting on my nerves. Why don`t you guys switch on the brain before writting something. Give me back my doll cause its nicer than yours mwoaaaaa.

You`d figure out by now that most multiplatform games are just identical in terms of content from one platform to another. Infinity ward differentiated the coding of the 3 platforms so that they all run equally to the specs of the game. The content is the Same.

They are certainly not trying to push one platform ahead of another as they are not going to build additional content or specific resolutions of textures or models.
If they were porting COD4 on DS then you can bet that there will be specific content developped for it as the current graphic elements will not run, engine as well. Its a rewrite in this case.
You will only be able to see different and specific quality titles for exclusives only. Do not expect any of the multiformat games to take specific advantage of any platform in terms of performance.

The funny thing is that you would be hard pressed to compare exclusives between different platform since they are unique, hence different.

As it stands the PS3 does not look leaps and bounces ahead of the 360 nor the PCs. In time perhaps. However there are some exclusives that are showing the possible potential of the platform.
The scientific calculations using PS3 also show that the technology behind is a powerful paradigm. In practice, many developpers will have to shell out some to get going on it. Whether it works out in the future or not, its something no one can predict for sure. Just enjoy whats there at the moment.
The 360 has already proved its potential and does not need to do so.
I have a PS3 and I think it is a sleek design and a very nicely built object...I can`t really play it at the moment but I can already use it for many things such as media streaming etc... Fact is it feels heavy and robust and could easily knock someone out...It reminds me of the build of the original panasonic FZ1 3DO...ah nostalgia.

Gizmo_Logix4025d ago

Before you go on about the different SKUs. You might want to look at the 360's version that have been ADDED to the 360 since launch. The 360 still doesn't come with built-in wireless. The HDMI 1.2 has been added afterwards since component 1080p wasn't good enough (not enough bandwidth). Sony taking about 1080p was for good reason. They HAD HDMI 1.3 from the START. The different SKUs you talk about are removing BC, USB and card readers to cut cost. The core features are still there. Cell/RSX, HDMI 1.3, SATA, 720/1080p support. So, you see it was those later feature that had to ADDED to the 360.

360 Arcade
360 Core (no HDD)
360 Premium (20GB)
360 Premium (20GB w/HDMI)
360 Elite (120GB w/HDMI)
360 Halo version

And yes, the "rumble was last gen" comment was DUMB on Sony's part. But the "nextgen stats when we say it does" was not dumb. It was predictive of what was to come and is evident in M$ attempt to try and keep up by adding core features to their 360 line when the PS3 had it all along.

ravinash4025d ago

So of course the games will be exactly the same if the Dev are doing their job right. there no benefit to adding extra features in unless either sony or MS pay them to do it.
So you can't really use this to ssy "hay such and such is better than whats it".
The only time either system is truly going to show what it can do is through exclusives.

hardcorehippiez4025d ago

you are an idiot. first is was its not as good now its only on par with. wot the hell are you gonna say when it starts beating it ? stupid fanboy !!!

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Real gamer 4 life4025d ago

exactly the same thing. they both look identical in ma eyes

pooh11254025d ago

me too.
but raindrops are more on ps3.
i felt ground and wall textures are better on 360.
these movies arent gameplay.i would rather see gameplay comparisions.

RadientFlux4025d ago

looks like it's bring out the binoculars time

MK_Red4025d ago

Good one.
The game looks truly amazing on both systems and I can't find a problem with either one. Kudos to Infinity Ward for making a perfet game for both consoles.

Sam Fisher4025d ago

u wanna talk bout graphics then y isnt the mph/kmph meter not going up on BOTH systems its good but not perfect... its not as detailed as halo so ...hmmmm i remember a post saying that it can go against halo i dont think so no details no good graphics details r most important on graphics department

TheMART4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

Damn that's pretty much right on. What I am interested about is this:

The PS3 version is hooked up with HDMI probably
The 360 probably on component. What if they hook up the 360 through VGA or the newer 360 model with HDMI?

That are the details that would be pretty interesting. Anyway, Infinity Ward really put much effort in the game to get an equal experience. If dev's can keep this up, it will really all come down to the exclusives you like which system you'll get, ofcourse combined with the price of the console.

I believe that Microsoft will strengthen its position with a pricedrop of the 360 line, just before Christmas. If the PS3/Sony feels save at 399 Euro, MS suddenly comes in and BAM announces 279 to 299 Euro for the 360 Premium (even with some games bundled). I see them doing that to keep momentum over Christmas


Those Sony Defense Force/Sony Protection Group ones disagreeing: do you have the abilities to point out what it is you don't agree with. The connection methods? JEES

bym051d4025d ago

Wow, if TheMart is saying they look identical, the PS3 version must be superior! ;)

MrSwede4025d ago

I´ll tell you why I disagreed. Here´s a statement from you Mart: "1080p @ HDMI also gives washed out colours. And if your screen isn't over 42 inch, not many people would notice the difference. Component has more rich colours."

So what do you mean when you´re writing: "What if they hook up the 360 through VGA or the newer 360 model with HDMI?".

Gizmo_Logix4025d ago

The MART would never say that a multiplat looked IDENTICAL. Now even his bias ass says it does. What happens when the PS3 start to truly pull away graphical?

the MART can always bring up, "it's the game play that matters." Blah, blah, blah...

It will happen. Bank on it.

Face it xbots. The 360 is a DUD just begging to be beat down.

Masta_fro4025d ago

because MrSwede just owned you in epic proportions. He just proved (by using something you said) that you are an ignorant fan boy willing to say anything to prove your ridiculous points. In fact, i agreed to what you said, untill i read his post...

The_Engineer4025d ago

Mr. Swede for pointing out why this idiot should be banned from this site.

Sevir044025d ago

MART, i remeber you posting that like 2 days ago... B*tich you are soo full of SH*T!!!! your own words come back and bite ou in the ass for the FANBOI< MICROSOFT B*TCH YOU ARE!!!!! proceed to put a foot in your mouth and then yank that 360 out of your ass because you have just made yourself the most riduclous looser here and is totally uneducated...

LOL!!!! this day i LMAO till my stomach couldn't take it anymore LOL!!!

Daishi4025d ago

Mart if your saying that both consoles are hooked up with what they came with then the PS3 isn't using HDMI because you have to buy that seperate. It's impossible to tell really because these videos aren't in HD, but on the other hand who cares? Really if one has more acorns than the other you wont notice because your playing your version...

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renegade4025d ago

my god is totally identical but i pefered see in hd