Nintendo says Wii production going smoothly

Earlier this week, rumors started cropping up about possible delays in the production of the Wiimote. Yeah, we know. When those little scamps get together, they're worse than a sewing circle. But Nintendo took the time to answer this one.

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T-Rac5871d ago

Please Arsenic, try not to tick Industry News and Gaming for every news article you do.

It would be appreciated!

Arsenic135871d ago

well doesnt this apply to both?

Arsenic135871d ago (Edited 5871d ago )

people will play on Wii( gaming), and this reports what going on wit the system( industry)

T-Rac5871d ago

fair enough, but for one its midnight and im shattered and like I said before you posted about 20 articles in the last couple of days and I swear you ticked gaming and industry for every article.....

:D understand where were coming from ...

Arsenic135871d ago

yeah sry, i rush so no one beats me to the punch, like always. Great site ! Ill be more carefull.

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