Cosplay Spotlight: Starscream (Transformers: Dark of the Moon)

RipTen: This hulking tribute to the beloved toys-turned-movie-stars franchise is the work of Ikariya of American Cosplay Experience. It’s not uncommon to see Autobots rumbling through the halls of Comic Con, but Decepticons seem to be few and far between.

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vicious69832701d ago

Man, I hate Bay's version of the Transformers, but this cospaly makes it look good. This is some very impressive work.

jaredhart2701d ago

G1 Transformers all the way.

"Autobots, Roll Out!"

john22701d ago

+9999. I've seen a cosplay with Starscream (G1) and looks F' awesome. G1 Transformers FTW!

femshep2701d ago

hell yeah soundwave was the best being a stereo and megatron a giant gunXD

CrzyFooL2701d ago

that's a serious friggin costume.

BlackjackCF2701d ago

The man should get a medal for keeping it on without complaint the whole day.

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