Resistance 3 is 'The Road' of Video Games

Could a Pulitzer Prize-winning book really have anything in common with a game?

It's with this in mind that I suddenly started to appreciate why Insomniac's Resistance series resonated with me. Resistance tells the story of an alien virus that plagues the world mere decades after its arrival, turning regular, everyday humans into monstrous villains known as the Chimera. But Resistance isn't a feel good story in any respect. There's no human triumph to be found. Other than little victories here and there, Resistance actually becomes darker and bleaker the further into the timeline you get. Much like The Road, Resistance gives you small things to feel good about, but you know in the back of your mind that things are only going to get progressively worse, and that there's very little to actually be hopeful or optimistic about in realit

Sevir044454d ago

very tantalizing read with the possibilities can go

Abash4454d ago

I can say Resistance 3 might be sleeper hit of the year. Meaning it's been under the radar, but surprises everyone how good it is when it releases

AntoineDcoolette4454d ago

The decade just started, bub.

TheKindRoost4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

From the post: But Marcus Smith leaves us with perhaps the most tantalizing tidbit. "Perhaps a future game will take place on the Chimeran home world and explore the reasons they have infected Earth," he said. "Lots of great mysteries could be investigated without involving humans at all..."
Playing as chimeras!? please make it happen!

Rynx4454d ago

This was a given. I for one thought that the 3rd game was going to be set in the Chimeran homeworld. Seeing as how I also thought that the 3rd one was going to top the second in multiplayer count and it was going to be an all out war. They went in an entirely different direction with this iteration, but nevertheless I'm still looking forward to it and it's a day 1 for me.

gaden_malak4454d ago

They have to resolve Hale's story.

disturbing_flame4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

It's interesting to make a parallel between traditional Art like litterature and a media that is not considered as Art like video game.

This article was really cool. It was not: "the game is badass blabla" like for so much games nowadays but more focused on the atmosphere, on the storytelling, on the background, and on the appreciation of a journalist can make with his own culture on a game.

Ser4454d ago

I love The Road. I enjoyed both the book and the film. I'll have no trouble enjoying Resistance 3, I'm sure.

-Mezzo-4454d ago

Damn, what a coincidence, My brother just shared this foreboding soundtrack from the Movie "The Road", now i see this article from IGN.

It is hands down one of my favorite Movies, and Resistance (My Favorite Video Game Series) being similar to it, is just unbelievable.

Glad i Pre-Ordered it. =]

WesMcLaren4454d ago

The book was great but, I thought the movie could've been better...That kid was sooooo annoying.