Life at Microsoft from 2000-2005: Xbox and 360

Vgchartz interviews Siren, a QA tester for Microsoft, who worked at Microsoft from April 2000 through December 2004. This interview reveals answers to questions, including, but not limited to:

* How did Microsoft view the console videogame market in 2000?
* What was Microsoft's assessment of Sega, Sony, and Nintendo in the early days of the Xbox project and how did it change?
* Did Microsoft feel that its goals with the original Xbox were met?
*What did Microsoft consider its biggest accomplishments with Xbox?
* What is the goal of the Xbox 360 in terms of market share and target for units sold?
* Which market will be the most competitive this generation, according to Siren?
*How many millions of units does Siren think the Xbox 360 will sell in the US and other regions this generation?
*When does Siren think that Microsoft will release their next generation system?
* Does Siren know of anyone at Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo that uses/reads Vgchartz?

Answers to these questions and much more after the jump...

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pornflakes4000d ago

With the next xbox they will own Sony 4 sure.
Only Sony tards disagree.
MS is the winner in the USA the biggest videogames sector.

When the PS3 will show its full potention in 3 years (lol), then MS will announce their new hardware included a bigger medium as DVD9.
MS is a software giant and they know when the time will come to use something bigger than DVD9

Of course we ALL know that the PS4 will REALLY handle 4D graphics and will be 100x faster than the PS3.. sure we know.. who wants to bet?

lynx1halo4000d ago

Just like The original XBOX he Got the CHOPPING BLOCK TOO LOL

GIJeff4000d ago

this guy worked in non-gaming QA.....he knows nothing that wasnt told to him. Worthless.

KINGDRAMA4000d ago

Youll all rrod when the truth hits you. I see it every week on this very site. Xbots hopes and dreams shattered.

AngryTypingGuy4000d ago

Wow, you really are King Drama. That was very dramatic.

pornflakes4000d ago

is there anything else you can say expect of RRoD? That's getting old u fuktard.

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