Super Mario Galaxy: The Casual within the Hardcore

Does the name Mario ring a bell, why of course it's the adorable fat Italian plumber next door who does shrooms to give him extraordinary powers? Nintendo may be on the highway to success with the Wii, but Mario's latest iteration just goes to prove how creativity in the industry is still not confined to high-end visuals, visceral gore and near levels of reality.


Rare confirms that Banjoo-Kazooie is still in development.

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THE_JUDGE3998d ago

an illegal immigrant that's why he only knows a few words. But I wish they would have used the non-motion controls on this game. Would have made me more interested.

purin3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

who knew racism could be so funny
& i think they are right on point with the m.s. cap.
give it a try, u just might like it ;)