Why Doesn't Sony Lower Blu-ray Prices? PS3?

From TVPredictions:

Q. Why doesn't Sony lower the price of its Blu-ray player like Toshiba is doing with its HD DVD player?
-- Oscar P.

A. Several retailers are now offering the entry-level Toshiba HD DVD player for $199, but Sony says it will hold the line (for now anyway) for Blu-ray at $399. And here's why:

Sony believes the new $399 Play Station 3, which has a Blu-ray player inside, will sell more units this holiday season than all the standalone HD DVD players combined. Far, far more, in fact. Consequently, the company believes it doesn't have to lower the price of the standalone Blu-ray player to prevail in the high-def disc format war.

Also, Sony has invested heavily in lowering the price of the PS3 and doesn't want to further subsidize the cost in lowering prices on standalone Blu-ray players.

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Expy4002d ago

"Sony believes the new $399 Play Station 3, which has a Blu-ray player inside, will sell more units this holiday season than all the standalone HD DVD players combined. Far, far more, in fact."

This is true.

jiggyjay4001d ago

I can definitely agree with that.. However we all know that the MASS CONSUMERS don't use a gaming machine as their DVD players! They would rather get a set alone top box! That's why Blu Ray hasn't won yet.. people in the movie industry know this as a fact! Right now Blu Ray has more players than HD DVD(6:1)because of the PS3.. However in sofware sales Blu Ray only has a 2:1 advantage over HD DVD. Blu Ray software sales should be at least be selling 6:1 in software because that's how much hardware they have out there.. Another proof that the PS3 is being used more as a gaming console and not stand alone player. There are probably over 3 billion DVD players sold in the world and the fact that the PS2 only sold 100+millions tells you people would rather have a stand alone player.

ruibing4001d ago

I think it's because of all the other electronic companies backing Blu Ray with standalone players. If they lower their price below $399, those other companies will have to follow suit. And I think one reason they aligned themselves with BD was because they didn't want to sell at $200 while producing at $500 like Toshiba's HD-DVD player is.

Premonition4002d ago

Even with the 199 HD DVD players, I think game consoles in general always outsell things like that since not to many people see the use in it, and most of them have kids which want some type of gaming console, so even though sony is losing some amount of money per unit, the HD DVD camp is overkilling themselves just to try and beat Blu ray by coming out with a super low price such early in the war.

TheExodus4002d ago

It is impossible for PS3 to outsell stand-alone players. I have collected a half-dozen DVD players since Christmas of 2000 and I can't even remember buying the damn things; they're breeding like rabbits in the closet.

hahahabutt4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

They feel that people are buying PS3 for blu-Ray?? They are so wrong. People buy PS3 for games. Not Blu-Ray. (Why don't sony just market the PS3 as a Blu-Ray player) Think of Blu-Ray as a extra bonus, and consumers are obviously not taking advantage of it when Blu-Ray has only a 2 to 1 lead which will be cut down soon during the holidays. AND PEOPLE WHO BUY INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS FOR EITHER FORMAT ARE DOING SO JUST FOR MOVIES. Now with all These HD-DVD players flying off of shelves, Sony is very unwise to do what they are doing. and who ever disagrees, are obvivious fanboys. Keep it non-fanboy.

PStriple7034002d ago

that's like saying people brought the ps2 but didn't want the dvd player

TheExodus4002d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

Sorry, but DVD players went mainstream the Christmas before PS2 was released in the US. Nobody bought a PS2 to play DVDs, but PS2 got cut a lot of slack because for $299 it could also play DVDs.

@Garbagebox360: Believe what you will, but if I were to count my PS2 as a DVD player it would be the least reliable player I own. Not one of my stand-alone players have ever had a problem reading a single DVD in my collection, but the PS2 is another story. Maybe that's because I have a launch model, but there are too many times that I'd get to the 3rd disc of a television series & the PS2 would just wig out. PS2 is a great game console, but it's an after thought of a DVD player.

ChibiSelz4002d ago

its brought for both games and movies most people know a bargain when they see one so speak for your self lol

Nagthragarthoth4001d ago

The buy a pS3 and get a free bluray player... Why not use it?

HarryEtTubMan4001d ago

DENIAL. lol YEA people that get blue ray players in their PS3'S... now basically for free.... don't care about it.... because you say so. Even though its the most high tech disc format ever created and everybody in the entire industry supports it.OOO BURN. I know one thing.. when I get my PS3 in the next month or so... I will defiantely be watching Blu Ray movies on it... along with also playing the best looking, most fun games on the market. Either way I win with a Playstation 3.

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micky_21_uk4002d ago

So everyone this christmas will be using a ps3 to play blu-ray movies. Ok so wats the point in having it for playing games if everyone thinks it better to play blu-ray. Fair enough so if we call ps3 a blu-ray player then put together the stand alone hd-dvd players and the xbox 360 hd-dvd player and lets see if they make the same kind of figures in sales.

RealityCheck4002d ago

The main difference is that Sony and the BDA have many vendors. Sony couldn't take huge losses on standalone players without loosing the support from all the other BDA members and vendors. Toshiba can do so to push their format because they are the main (and almost only) vendor of hardware for their format.

TheExodus4002d ago

I think Sony is stuck between a rock & a hard place too, because I don't think their BDA partners will allow them to cut the price of Blu-ray players which is what needs to happen for Blu-ray to succeed.

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