GCG Feature: 'Becoming a Game Concept Artist'

Matt Kohr is a student who wants to be a concept artist in the video game industry, and in fact, he's already nabbed a few gigs.

In a new interview, Kohr sits down to explain his artistic process in creating concept art, and the secret to his success so far.

In this excerpt, Kohr points to the differences between the professional game industry and the one that is trying to be recreated in many game schools, a unique perspective given that few people are rarely have those two points of view active at the same time:

"School can't totally prepare you for the industry. At school, the week before finals, students flood the computer labs. Everyone feverishly works under their deadline, giving feedback to one another. It's a great working environment! Communal energy of that sort only happens once per term in most classes, though. A game studio gets that every day."

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