The problem with potential: Why I fear for the Wii U

More so than any console before it, the Wii was built on potential. The Wii U is much of the same. But will developers capitalize on what the console can do?

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seinfan3353d ago

I highly doubt third party developers are going to go out of their way to make full use of that new gimmicky controller. The Wii brand name screams casual shovelware. When a majority of the Wii owners are basically kids who are still in elementary, games in the T and M rating category aren't going to sell very well.

maniacmayhem3353d ago

I'm curious as to why you think the controller is "gimmicky"? You dont see any new gaming experiences with a second screen? I guess you never played a DS?

seinfan3353d ago

Being able to play your console game on the controller as if it were a handheld is the gimmick that's being pushed. Sorry, but that's the reality of it. They're focusing on their controller for a second generation in a row. They figured since it's done them so well this gen, it may just work for them the next gen.

StanSmith3352d ago


Sorry but you're wrong here. The WiiU controller isn't gimmicky in the slightest.

Wake up and look at the state of the gaming industry. It's no longer about Graphics and built in features like Dvd/Blu-ray movie playback. It's about new ways of playing games. Nintendo realised this and championed it with the Wii. Sony tried with the eyetoy on PS2 but it was a little too early for it's time.

Sony and Microsoft have realised that Nintendo was right with this and have released Move and Kinect. Vita even incorporates new ways to play games rather than standard buttons.

PS4 and Xbox 720 will also do this when they release. The graphics may see an upgrade but the focus will be on new ways to play your games.

Those calling the WiiU a gimmick are reaching for something to complain about the console.

Knushwood Butt3352d ago

'You dont see any new gaming experiences with a second screen?'.

Let me guess: a map?


ChickeyCantor3352d ago

"Being able to play your console game on the controller as if it were a handheld is the gimmick that's being pushed"

It isn't just used for that.
Inform yourself.

rexbolt3352d ago

u fail cus wii has more mature gamers then ps3 or 360 hence kids think its cool to kill stuff hence why kids are allove kill zone uncharted cod halo and gears in voice chat

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RELIGHT3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

Read, the article. Seems like he has valid and well thought out concerns. But at the same time, every console is has its unfulfilled promises based on its potential. I guess since the Wii is more recent and different, it shows more than the other consoles.

It's really all up to the devs and what they decide to do or not do with the hardware. But I really haven't seen enough of the Wii U to make an educated prediction.

jacksheen00003353d ago

I think Nintendo is just as worried as most of us Gamers are about the fate of the Wii U. And I m sure Nintendo have finally learned from their past mistakes; so I have faith that they'll do just fine making the Wii U a success.

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