Edge: White Knight Chronicles II Review

What Level-5 has created is a Frankenstein's monster. It's half singleplayer and half multiplayer, and both of them are half good: a compromise that leaves much of this game feeling soulless. To give WKC2 its due, it certainly improves on the original. But in trying to fix a poor template rather than start anew, it was probably doomed from the beginning.

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TheColbertinator2656d ago

Excellent score.I just ordered it.

happyface2656d ago

ps triple exclusives FTW

Ravens202656d ago

Yup, better than having no exclusives at all LOL!

FamilyGuy2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I see the visual differences without those added sparkle shots for once. It looks noticeably better after all.

Peaceful_Jelly2656d ago

I don't know why reviewers are so hard on this game. I played the first one and it was a good game.

Redempteur2656d ago

because they don't have time to go online ... it's not a Greta game but it's not worthy of such a bad note .. but well it's edge ...

FamilyGuy2655d ago

I'm tired of reviewers claiming the town creation option as some visual only aspect. Acting like the only point in making one is to show your friends.

The Georamas have a purpose, you can get items from them that can't be found anywhere else in the game. You can set them up to produce harvest-able items that cater to your needs. You can place particular towns people in them that handout useful items to you after a successful quest.

It's completely ridiculous to pass it off as some just-for-looks aspect. Anyone that really plays the game knows of its benefits and possibilities.

disturbing_flame2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

You are right Edge leave true games for true gamers and hype every common and casual games.

You work for the industry, we love video games, it's not the same world.

consolez_FTW2656d ago

Yeah, thats why if I have to look up a review for a game. I always use user reviews. Like from youtube or I found gamespot user reviews are pretty good.

Pintheshadows2656d ago

I just buy what I like the look of. I prefer write ups to reviews. Much like what you get in car magazines. Scoring things is silly. The text is the important part. EDGE are not great with either.

chaolankennedy2656d ago

Reviewers are just bitter they didn't send them online passes. ;)

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