End of the Week: WHODUNIT? - Did the Competitive Scene Kill Brawl?

You know I often wonder how would Super Smash Brothers Brawl, the multiplayer jewel of the Wii system, have turned out without the introduction of tiers/tournaments and the srs face people who engage in them. It may seem a laughable idea, but would the game have experienced more longevity had Competitive Smashing not been as popular as it is?

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CraigUK2652d ago

As if people play brawl competativly online. Offline is where its at, the people who are playing online "competative" are only fooling themself.

Baka-akaB2652d ago

Without those guys would the game have survived that long online to begin with ?

The wii isnt known for its strong online community .

Besides usually it is often argued that Brawl isnt even as competitive as Melee and involve less skills . So i dont think that competition is what killed the online in this instance

CanadianTurtle2652d ago

Technically no. Look at MarvelvsCapcom2 for example. Don't game me wrong, I love the game to death, but its about 10x more button mashing friendly than Brawl, and yet MVC2 still has much more tournaments and organizations.

The game isn't the problem here. People just need to get out there and start the Brawl tournament scene.

princejb1342652d ago

melee>brawl, i had brawl when it first came out and the online was so laggy it was unplayable

CanadianTurtle2652d ago

The game had really high potential to be a comepetitive online game, but Nintendo was overly stupid to realize that the servers were completely broken.

Although, this is one of the best fighting games to come out ever in video gaming. The amount of content, depth, characters, you really have to give it credit that it does what a lot of other fighting games don't do. Its a game for the fans, not just "fighting gamers."

And I don't mean to say that Melee is a better game but, since when is a game considered more competitive if it's paced faster? Melee was an amazing game, but Brawl refined its gameplay and made it slower for GOOD REASONS. It was to prevent people from using the cheap wave dashes and stuff like that.