End of the Week: Accessibility vs. Skill

Have you ever played a video game and said: "Man, this game is WAY too easy"? Or have you ever disliked a game because it was too hard? It's common for game designers to have to find that difficult middle ground between making a game difficult for veteran players, but not impossible for newer players to play the game.

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kornbeaner2677d ago

I like a balance of both. I take a look at a game like super street fighter 4 as a nice balance of both skill and accessibility. All the specials in the game are easy enough to do and the basic combos in the game are also fairly easy to pull off. the game is great fun with friends and if by chance you want take your skills to the next level there are things you can do to that, like enter tournaments. But in the other end of the spectrum you have games like Call of Duty, which by far are to easy to both play and exploit. As a veteran Modern Warfare 1 player I find it extremely easy to go through most of the game with just the basic classes and find it almost overpowered when I put in the time to get perks that only improve my playstyle. This method has little to do with skill and more with the fact that the developers of said games are only designing for the lowest common denominator. Good article by the way, A nice switch from the crap fanboy articles that usually hit this site.

Tony P2677d ago

I'm not sure it should be treated as a problem at all. You can't force equality like the Mario Kart idea. It's Affirmative Action for multiplayer.

Competitive multiplayer is one area that you can't just pave over with the trend that prizes fun over challenge. No matter how you try to level the playing field, the very nature of competition is that someone will ALWAYS do more to win.

New players need to put in the time to get better. Plain and simple.

kornbeaner2677d ago

I agree with you in that MP is not something that should award "FUN" over skill but that is exactly what has happen. Call of Duty MP is the most played not because its great but because its easy and rewards losing just as much as it rewards winning.

Games like Halo, Battlefield and even street fighter which penalizes players for losing are not that popular because the new breed of "gamer" does not like to spend time on a game in which they are shown they just had a bad session of gaming. The new breed can't take losing, even if it is just a few points that don't mean anything. And the sad truth is games which only show a progressive scoring system regardless of winning or losing will become the new standard as we old school dinosaurs become extinct and the new whining breed begin to dominate the scene.