Is Sony Back?

Kotaku: Do you remember Sony? Not the guys who let your PSN account get hacked, or the ones who loved their proprietary formats more than their customers. The Sony you grew up with, who made the gear you couldn't live without. I hope you do. Because it looks like they might just be back.

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RedDead2656d ago

Sony is sony, everyone has ups and downs.

Agent Smith2656d ago

Wow, Kotaku really has nothing else to report these days.

Criminal2656d ago

Yeah, Kotaku used to be much better, in terms of design and content.

sdtarm2656d ago

is kotaku back? - with bullsht articles - ya

WhiteLightning2656d ago

"in terms of design and content."

Urgh, I hate the new design. What ever happened to the nice simple blog can switch it to a blog view but it's not the same

pixelsword2656d ago

I'm not giving their site the hit...

could someone post the article?


plmkoh2656d ago

Kotaku didn't write the article, Gizmodo did. But they are owned by the same company

Lifendz2656d ago

Don't call it a comeback...they been here for years

JLeVRT2656d ago

These comments are gettin funnier and funnier

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Nykamari2656d ago

Tupac Back! Tupac Back! Everybody screaming Tupac Back!

just_looken2656d ago

my xbl account got hacked and windows gets hacked all the time aswell as many online sites why cant sony?(5yrs safe psn) im not approving of this flame article.

STK0262656d ago

If you actually read the article, you would know the hacking part is very small, and they are not referring to the pre-hack Sony, but rather the golden days of Sony, back when everyone had a Walkman, a Sony TV, etc.

Chug2656d ago

I don't recall Sony leaving.

tiffac2656d ago

I was about to say the same thing. lol!


You must have been out of town for a month lol

RememberThe3572656d ago

Honestly, your dead right. lol

I remember when everything Sony was the best and the most desired product out there. Aside from the PlayStation they've been falling behind in everything they do.

They gave Apple the MP3 player market after they owned the CD player market for so many years (in high school right before MP3 players took off, every single person had those cool Sony wrap around head phones).

They're cloud music service needs to be more clever than it is. Frankly, it's lacking features and the UI isn't great.

The TV's have been hit and miss some look freakin amazing and some look mediocre at best. And Samsung has been serving them on that front.

They lost the magic and it seems to be coming back. They forgot that they need to be competitive and ahead of the curve. They thought that what ever they put out would be the best because it said Sony on it, not that it was the best SO it said Sony on it. They've been humbled and it's looking like a good thing.

MasterCornholio2656d ago

Im a gamer and Sony really tends to my gamming needs. So i am quite happy with them.

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The story is too old to be commented.