Opinion on The Last Story being trademarked for North America

Lost Level's brief response to the recently filed US trademark of the Mistwalker Wii RPG, The Last Story.

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Main_Street_Saint2654d ago

If this one is true; I will be very happy! This could be one of the crown jewels in the Wii library.

Marceles2654d ago

This and Skyward Sword might be the last Wii games I get if true

Venox20082654d ago

No rhythm heaven Wii? :)

Xof2653d ago

Rhythym Heaven? That's the game you bring up?



Dragon Quest, people. Dragon ****ing Quest.

AWBrawler2653d ago

DragonQuest X? I all but lost hope on seeing that, but atleast IX was awesome.

On Topic: Last Story is the game I've been looking forward to the most