Microsoft responds to Microsoft-Sony domain registrations

A Microsoft employee has come out in the open and specified the reason for the company registering two domains names and

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2742d ago

Ok, sounds truthful enough.

People were speculating the best but it turned out to be nothing. Oh well.

thrasherv32742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

"The best"?

Competition is good. If it wasn't for competition the PS3 would still be $500. If it wasn't for competition CoD would be the only multiplayer game released. Do you want that?

EDIT: Looks like Communists visit this site,lol. Disagree all you want, you know it's true.

TheTwelve2742d ago

Communism is popular in poor countries, and on the internet.

gamingdroid2742d ago

I agree, but "communist" comment was unnecessary albeit kind of funny.

jdfoster002742d ago

If you remember correctly '$500' for a blu-ray player, at the time was cheap... And after that I agree though I wonder where MS exclusives are =s

kaveti66162742d ago

Dude, competition leads to dirty tactics because there are no universal set of ethics established in capitalist societies regarding corporate strategies.

Competition is the vile underpinning of man as a mindless organism rather than a thinking being.

It is not competition which drives men to make better products.

Competition drives men to cut costs, make lower-quality products, and market those crappy products with expensive advertising campaigns so that they can post higher quarterly profits and then lay off 20,000 employees so that the CEOs can keep the money for themselves.

You're a moron if you think that intelligent inventors and scientists wake up every day with only the dream to compete against each other. They do it because they're smart, and they're driven to meet their own potential. They're not petty like you. They don't all do it just to get their name in the papers.

Behind every smart man is an opportunistic, manipulative, greedy capitalist businessman who cares only to make money off an idea his puny little mind cannot even comprehend.

It is not competition which drives great authors to write great books, or great game developers to develop great games or great athletes to train harder. It is the inner desire to be the best they can be that drives them.

Capitalism is the exploitation of other people's greatness at the hands of weaker people.

ilikestuff2742d ago

yep dont want them to team up and take everyone else out then they do a netflix and raise their prices.

side note. netflix will still be cheap even if the double their price but, but its just bullshit how they ran everyone else out then jacked up their price and their streaming content is seriously lacking. anyone got hulu? is it better? do they got its always sunny, oz, supranos, eastbound and down, life and times of tim?

4me22742d ago


Where are you from kaveti6616? Because if you are from US , Europe or any other non-communistic( or socialistic country) the you are kidding yourself believing in communism and good on the paper ideas.
In reality there is no equality in the communism, there are always "equal" and "more-equal". The "more-equal" have access to all benefits, entitlement, health care .... while "equals" get basic necessity. When they wake up in the morning they have nothing to look forward( maybe a bottle of vodka). Vast majority of population is not even allowed to travel abroad. When there is election you know results even before election starts.

Capitalism is not a perfect system, has lots of faults, there are many poor and rich people, but provides mechanism to create sizable middle class with opportunities and risks.

Comparing to the the other option, competition and capitalism is way better choice.

koouunn2742d ago

give this man a cookie

4221852742d ago

Yeah competition is good , If it wasn't for competition the 360 will still be Red Ringing everywhere.

thrasherv32742d ago

"Competition drives men to cut costs"

You're completely wrong. Greed drives men to cut costs. Same reason why communism does not work. Next your gonna tell me that videos games kill people. Or are they somehow different because it doesn't follow your narrative?

Sorry for bringing this up. Just tried to make a light-hearted joke. Won't happen again.

No FanS Land2742d ago

first of all sony wouldn'T have taken a loss on each console sold if it didn't have competition, meaning it would have sold at the astonishing price of 900$

MaxXAttaxX2742d ago

Microsoft made the Xbox to capitalize on the console market and $$$ that was being lost from PCs to consoles.

P.S. Communism is an economic system. Not a form of government.

gamingdroid2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

I betcha you don't live in a country were communism rules. My parents emigrated, due to the fact that communism was used to oppress the people and they still do.

Property was taken in the name of "greater good" while it really was just an excuse for officials to seize wealth.

Every traveled to China, Vietnam or Russia?

Oh and contrary to misconception, cutting cost actually helps efficiency. That is why government are almost never efficient!

awi59512742d ago


There has only been one true communist country in the history of the world. All of the countries we call communist are socialist countries or dictatorships. The only true communist country ever to exist lasted about 3 yrs then in collapsed because they had to form a military. In a true communist country a leader is appointed creates the government then stands down and becomes a equal citizen with everyone else. All the nations we call communist stop at the last step and never form a true communist state. They put a person in power they get addicted to the power and never step down.

Like i said there was only one true communist government in the history of the world they did well for awhile. But the country collapsed because they had to create a military, and when they created a military they created a Hierarchy that's against the communist ideal. So at the point the country was no longer a communist state.

Christopher2742d ago

***You're a moron if you think that intelligent inventors and scientists wake up every day with only the dream to compete against each other.***

Nope. But the companies that hire them and fund their projects do.

DaTruth2742d ago

The CEO's don't keep the money, the shareholders appoint the CEO's to do the things that you said and then the shareholders keep the money and blame the CEO. The CEO then takes home a $100 million severance package and everyone is happy... except of course the 20,000 who got laid-off!

Sony3602742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

I cannot comprehend how 49 people were stupid enough to disagree with your comment.

What part of it do they not agree with?

Sure having the two companies work together would be amazing as we'd only have one platform with everything on it, but we'd also be PAYING OUT THE ASS FOR IT like you do with apple products or anything else that has a monopoly.

Instead of disagreeing, why not give a reasonable argument instead other than "it'd be just cool?. All disagreeing does is prove willfull ignorance, no matter how many people do it.

SilentNegotiator2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

So companies can register domains with OTHER TRADEMARK NAMES in them? That's pretty ridiculous, really.

When is Sony going to register lol

Morbius4202742d ago

@ kaveti6616

You just changed my mind about capatalisim...thank you.

Legion2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

You are incorrect... Communism can be a form of government. In the same way that Demoocracy can be a form of government. In fact a Communist society does not mean that competition can't be apparent within its workings.

com·mu·nism   /ˈkɒmyəˌnɪzəm/ Show Spelled
[kom-yuh-niz-uhm] Show IPA

1. a theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state.
2. ( often initial capital letter ) a system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetuating political party.
3. ( initial capital letter ) the principles and practices of the Communist party.

And @kaveti6616 you are either a misguided foolish person or you just don't understand what Capatalism is? Without Capatalism in some form you allow monopoly to take over monopolies tend to stifle the ability for creativity to breath.

Many a people have been lost in greatness due to not being heard or remembered in our time. Though some greatness can creep into society through cracks of will that allow chance and circumstance to be gravitational to the masses.

"When not legally coerced to do otherwise, monopolies typically produce fewer goods and sell them at higher prices than under perfect competition to maximize their profit at the expense of consumer satisfaction."

What type of society do YOU think leads to the most innovation and allows that innovation to be shared with the masses?

Capatalism is not prefect in any form of the word. But of the alternatives it allows the most people to be free to grow their ideas into form and share that idea with others. If you think some other form of economic standard will do better then I am interested in hearing it.

kaveti66162742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Communism is not a system that has been practiced correctly.

Anyone who points out the harsh realities of communism is not wrong to do so.

Some people say that Communism as it is designed and professed in theory is a terrible idea. I do not think so. I think that it is a fantastical idea that is too good to be true.

People are materialistic in the same way as squirrels and other rodents, who, upon seeing a tasty acorn or nut will stuff their mouths in a frenzy and run into a dark corner to hide their treasure.

I contend that there has never been a nation in this country that truly practiced Communism as it was designed by Karl Marx in his manifesto.

In the Soviet Union, millions were killed or starved and were stripped of their dignity as they were forced into peasant labor. And the leaders of that Union reaped the benefits. Josef Stalin wanted to be deified. In Communist China, Chairman Mao Zedong desired also to be worshiped as millions were sent off to the countryside to perform hard farm labor, as he had when he was a young man.

So, when people point out these blighting examples of "Communism" in practice, I beg them to study Communism as it is meant to be and then to study those nations as they have corrupted Communism in their practice.

Others believe that all of the technology we enjoy today could not exist without Capitalism but I don't believe there is any merit to that claim.

There are various methods of funding research, and just because the United States chooses to leave such things to the private sector of society, it does not mean that the government cannot directly fund advances in technology.

The transistor is a perfect example. The United States government funded the development of the transistor through Bell Labs (a research lab of the telecommunications corp.) because they needed to find a replacement for the vacuum tubes that were used for radios in the military.

While they managed to get a stable transistor radio working, the company Bell decided to shelve the technology because they didn't want it to cannibalize their most profitable product: vacuum tubes.

And it was nearly a decade before transistors were brought up again for study and commercial use.

kaveti66162742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Capitalism does not have to be unfair, but as of right now it is.

You're telling me that it's fair that corporate bosses are taking up seats in Congress and that Congressmen are taking up seats in corporations?

Is it okay that the oil companies blame the rising cost of gasoline on crises in the Middle East, and then post record profits year over year? They claim that they had to raise prices in order to overcome the rising costs on their end, so why did their quarterly profits show a 50 percent increase from last year? It's because they raised the price of gas much more than they needed, and used the crises in the Middle East as a reason for doing so.

That is what capitalism has become in the United States.

I don't blame you for disagreeing with me because you were born and raised to despise Communism. You were fed propaganda about Communism being either evil, godless, impossible, or a combination of all of those reasons.

No politician ever stood up on stage and said that Communism doesn't work because people in general are greedy bastards who simply could not accept that kind of society because they would constantly be eyeing their neighbors with suspicion and contempt.

You may feel good about Capitalism now, but I hope none of you ever get laid off from your jobs one day and then read the paper to see that the company that just fired you is posting record profits.

But maybe that's what needs to happen. I always hear the wealthy professing their love of capitalism, and they shout it the loudest. And all of you who play your videogames don't know or don't accept that they were manufactured in a factory in a far-off country that beats its employees and covers up their suicides.

Ironically, many will say that China is a communist nation. But it is capitalist nations like the US or the UK whose corporations lay off their domestic workers and send the jobs abroad to have the slaves manufacture their electronics at the cost of a few cents.

At the end of the day, I still believe that Capitalism is a terrible system that works because it is perfectly compatible with the evil machinations of the few, whereas Communism is impossible because it requires the faithful selflessness of the many.

DanSolo2742d ago


The reality is PEOPLE are flawed, so any system no matter how well set up will be exploited by those who want power of some sort.

Communism and Capitalism are both flawed, but I know which system I'd rather live under... and let's be honest, you see and have seen many an exodus of people from communist countries into capitalist countries but not the other way around... The people who have defected from say the USA to Russia have been people who have done it purely from an idealistic standpoint and have only been a tiny percentage of the number moving or wanting to move the other way!

You say that communism has never truly existed in the way it was intended and that the countries we refer to as communist have only gone part way.... well surely the fact of how the system is even easier to exploit and control the masses than capitalism should tell you something there? It should also show how unrealistic the notion of true communism really is... and I am not saying that to promote capitalism as that is not much better, except for standard of living and a certain amount of freedom!

I have read Marx and although SOME of the stuff he says has a definite point, alot of what he says is unworkable ideas that have been worded in such a way to make them sound feasible. Also much of it is just blatant propaganda that all too many people seem to lap that up rather than sorting the wheat from the chaff.

My personal opinion is that neither system is the "right" way for mankind to live or grow into something more... but if I have to live under one of those systems, I'd prefer the freedom of Capitalism over the State Control of communism. And the reality is, communism can only ever be a state run system, as the "true" idea of communism could only ever work in a large country with a relatively small population who were all in agreement of how to do things.

But I do feel that to move forward to a better way of doing things.... a good starting point would be to examine all the systems thoroughly and objectively and take what works and use that to build a better system.... but the truth is the majority of people have a tribal mentality that causes them to latch on to one way of doing things or another and then defend it as "the way". Hence the reason so many highly educated people who think they are free-thinking tend to spend so much time trying to prove "their" way is "the" way!

Kurt Russell2741d ago

kaveti6616 is right on all accounts. The worlds a shitty place and he knows why... Greed. Communism that has been practiced has failed, Capitalism that has been practiced has failed. All because of a few greedy cockroaches.

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2742d ago Replies(1)

Finally death of the fanboy lol

subtenko2742d ago

So in other words he said "F no are you f**king stupid, we are working with Sony! Now gtfo here a leave me to my exclusive maker chief halo3 edition action figure!" Then he holds a helghast action figure in the other hand and makes master chief shoot the helghast while going "pew Pew PEW!"

xD ok so maybe it didnt go thhhhat far, but thats how it would be on robot chicken or family guy.

Morbius4202742d ago

yeah it'd be stupid just like those shows.

JokesOnYou2742d ago

Say what you like, all that sounds nice in the land of make believe but here in the real world I much prefer capitalism, its not perfect but any system can be manipulated beyond its intended purpose. Also yes innovaters/visionaries/scienti st are very important to any society, we owe them for so many of the things that make our lives easier than our forefathers(for the most part), however many "smart" people lack the skill or vision to progress their ideas beyond the basic concept, its the businessman/corporations that push these smart ideas to the next level, yes they are usually motivated by money, but without them we'd probably still be staring at the amazing light bulb, instead of conversing on the internet, don't curse commercialization & competition because in the right hands they are poweful tools that do alot of good.

N4g_null2741d ago

You guys do know Sony makes a laptop, pc that all run windows and windows8 could actually be mircosofts next console, a pc at a base spec. I mean this has already happen you will see xbox games on the Sony pcs.

This is a weird move though. Nothing to see here unless ms tries to get some Sony studios or co opt them.

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Bounkass2742d ago

Microsoft and Sony will never work together, ever.

T3MPL3TON 2742d ago

They're gonna have to if Sony want's skype in the vita

morganfell2742d ago

You have it backwards. Microsoft is going to want Skype on the Vita. They are going to have to come to Sony.

It may be all for naught as Sony's ever close relationship with Google may see them skip Skype in favor of the new Google offering.

ArmrdChaos2742d ago

Even if the Vita sells decently their total number won't even come close to the amount of Xbox's, pc's, and other mobile devices with Skype access. No...MS doesn't NEED Sony...would they mind the extra users...sure. I would imagine the only reason they haven't pulled support for the Vita is because of the negative feedback they would incur due to the existing public fear of them closing off the system.

gamingdroid2742d ago

Neither needs each other, but certainly having Skype on PS Vita is more in Sony's favor. Who wants to talk on a platform practically nobody else uses?

That is what makes Skype so great, almost everyone I know has a freaken account.

iamtehpwn2742d ago

Even though Microsoft owns Skype, that has nothing to do with skype coming to Vita. Microsoft is competing with Ps3 not Vita or 3DS. And Skype is also a profitable part of their company now

Ricardoportillo042742d ago

@iamtehpwn no,Microsoft is not competing against the ps3 its competing against Sony and the ps3 happens to be a part of it...

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longcat2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

you mean like sega and nintendo? - unpredictable shit happens, its part of the beauty of life

DeFFeR2742d ago

Windows 8 (xbox live in the OS) will probably make its way to a Vaio... Then what? Will N4G blow up like they did when Halo Legends was released on Blu-ray? "omg! halo on da PS3!!!!!1!"

omi25p2742d ago

Microsoft and sony work together all the time out side of the gaming industry.

tiffac2742d ago

Only fanboys doesn't see the truth in this.

SKUD2742d ago

Not in the gaming market but in the world of personal computers they cant ignore each other.

Peaceful_Jelly2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

What about those Vaios with Windows 7 then? Or those bunch of games from Sony Online Entertainment that are PC exclusive like Everquest?

zinkabassy2742d ago Show
khamvongsa092742d ago

They actually do work together.. If you ever saw a Microsoft store, they are loaded with Sony Vaios with Xbox 360s in the store window (Mall Of America).

coolbeans2742d ago

They've been working together for the past decade, just not in regards to consoles. They used Sony's Vaio (computer brand) as their computers for Windows 7 commericials. I'm pretty sure they are very friendly to each other outside of the gaming realm.

sinclaircrown2742d ago

what he means to say is "MS and Sony fanboys will never like each other"

The actual companies however have long standing partnerships and I'm sure will have many more in the future.

tiffac2742d ago

Sad but true about the fanboy part.

SuperbVillain2742d ago

Microsoft and Sony work together when it comes to PC's.What do you think Sony Vaios run on? apple software?

pixelsword2742d ago

@ Bounkass:

What ru talking about, they already worked together (vaio).

These companies exist beyond the gaming dimension, ya know.

ZETTA2742d ago

they do work togheter, idk if you know that sony also makes computers!

Jezuz2742d ago

Lets just say they need each other.

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Christopher2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

It's so funny to see so many people argue MS vs Sony when they have a very long history of working with each other. Business isn't just about playing against each other, but also working with each other when necessary. Much of what MS does benefits Sony and vice versa. In all honesty, they rely upon each other and will continue to play off of each other and work with each other.

Examples of cooperative work:
- Sony movies on 360
- Sony cameras in MS phones
- MS software on Sony hardware
- Sony utilizes MS server software

DrillaKid2742d ago

I think this is the case generally for companies in the tech industry; they are all very well integrated and you'll often find competitors work together to create new tech and share IPs. Blu-Ray itself is an example of that.

spektical2742d ago

toshiba got the bad end of the stick on that one

tee_bag2422742d ago

Right on.

But don't forget that sometimes these companies have to "work together" as a result of pantents too.

darfreeze2742d ago

I bet they're cooking something and they're keeping it secret for now. Maybe PS720 or Xstation4...or muffins.

a08andan2742d ago

If it is muffins, I think everyone should watch and learn how to eat them properly :)

consolez_FTW2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

So that no third party could purchase the domains and misuse them. That's a smart move by both Microsoft and Sony.