Alice: Madness Returns - GotGame

Raychul Moore takes an in-depth look at the long awaited sequel. Does it meet her high standards? The only way to find out is to watch the video.

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wonderboy9232652d ago

Visually American McGee has always been impressive but handling wise it's always a bit clunky, so it never really bothered me the the control scheme for the new game was sketchy also.

DistrictMime2652d ago

They've improved a lot on the control from the last game. I can't really say how its played on console because I've only played the PC version.

Troll-without-Bridge2652d ago

i just finished this game a couple of days ago. Simply sublime, hardcore experience. Rich gameplay, cleverly told story, gameplay variety, length and tons of collectibles.

cryptobotanist2652d ago

Nice review. Game is fantastis