Worldwide inFamous 2 Sales Outperform First Game

At 192,700 copies, sales of Cole McGrath’s first adventure back in 2009 were a bit anemic in North America. The same was the case in Japan when inFamous only sold 17,000 copies in it’s first week.

By the end of the 2009 inFamous had reached 1.2 million in sales worldwide. inFamous 2 looks like it’ll reach that mark in half the time

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Prcko2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

This game really deserves those numbers!!!
Game cost was about 10-15 million(Research estimates more recent development costs for these 7th generation consoles to have soared, with the average costs running $10 million for one platform and $18-$28 million for multiple platforms.)so if developers recived around 20$ per copy they earned 13 million $.-around 650,000 copies sold so far
They gonna enter in profit area very soon!!!
Nice work SP!!!

firemassacre2655d ago

congratulations Sucker Punch.

Tachyon_Nova2655d ago

A lot of spurious facts get thrown around here. Do you have a source for those costings?

DarkTower8052655d ago

Well GT5 cost $60m, and that's on record, you can look it up. So $15m for Infamous 2 doesn't seem unreasonable.

Sevir042649d ago

and Considering the way development cost of Most sony games its reasonable. Naughtydog have gone on record to say that each entry of it's Uncharted franchise has cost 20 million to make. a bill sony has footed quite happily given the returns the 2 past games have sold! By Far the most expensive PS3 titles to date have been in this order, GT5, Killzone 2 and GOW3, each of them being over 40 million in budget with GOW3 taking up the 40 million dollar baseline budget. its not hard to fathom. Capcom and Epic has said on average their game budget for 1 multiplatform title trek in the ball park of 24 million dollars

GrandTheftZamboni2655d ago

inFAMOUS 2 is great improvement over the first one, which too was so much fun to play. Well deserved!

liveActionLeveler2655d ago

Very very good for SP. This is one of the best games I've played this gen. The game's story(you guys that played it know what I'm talking about) struck a cord with me just like MSG4, which is awesome!

b_one2655d ago

inFamous 1 is great at all, ive got my copu as bundle with PS3 along with uncharted 2, inFamous 2 is like 500% better :)