The Double Standard of Nintendo

GP blogger Caryslan writes, "What makes Nintendo’s refusal to publish Xenoblade Chronicles in America even more confusing is the fact that Dragon Quest is being published by Nintendo in the west. Since Dragon Quest IX, Nintendo had poured money into brining the franchise over here in the hopes that the series will finally reproduce the success it seems to find in Japan. To be fair, Square Enix did request that Nintendo publish the franchise in the west in the hopes of improving its sales but this creates a double standard for Nintendo. NOA will go to the trouble to publish Square Enix’s RPGs in the west, but then refuse to bring their own titles here? While it could arguably justified if Dragon Quest was setting sales charts on fire, the fact remains that Dragon Quest is still not a million seller over here. In the end, would Xenoblade Chronicles have done any worse in the US?

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DarkCharizard_2655d ago

Lol, chill dude.. Xenoblade & TLS will come! If Pandora's Tower comes to PAL regions then it will come here too B)

Dragon Quest X, Rhythm Heaven, Kirby and The Legend of Zelda games are coming too!

Main_Street_Saint2654d ago

The news on DQ10 seemed to have dried up almost immediately. Wish they would pop a little more info than the small blurbs we've been getting.

jacksonmichael2654d ago

I like it this way, though. It is in stark contrast to the Smash Bros Dojo website. We knew everything about Brawl, and it kind of spoiled it. We don't know a damn thing about DQX. And that excites me.

DNAbro2654d ago

i think they said they are unveiling it at Tokyo Game Show

Peaceful_Jelly2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

To Nintendo's understanding they think the core gamers just want more COD on the their platforms. And I don't blame them, it seems that N. Americans only like to shoot at stuff...

Hicken2654d ago

It's a misconception Nintendo has that they, themselves, are only enforcing by refusing to bring over such titles. I'm not buying a Wii, but I'd be far more inclined to do so if the game I'm interested in- Fragile Dreams- was joined by other games I'd like to play- Xenoblade and The Last Story. Since I'm not getting the latter, I won't get the Wii, so I won't buy the former.

Grannyvukka2654d ago

Just don't buy anything more Nintendo & let them die off like the Dinosaur they are. They have been robbing us gamers for years, & are just about to repeat the process again by creating buzz at E3 by showing nothing but PS3, 360 & PC footage of there supposed games...This is the type of thing Sony would have been crucified for absolute months about, but since it was only the always kiddie friendly, honest, all for the gamer Nintendo that were lying, decieving & causing unwarranted hype, well it was once again water under the bridge....just like MS's RROD & about a million other discrepancies both Nintendo & MS have committed since there inception into games.

It seems that ONLY Sony's blood can be beyed for by the larger gaming media & trend following herds in todays gaming enviroment. Sony are simply enemy no.1, & have to be destroyed or stopped from dominating the industry a 3rd time.

Sorry if it seems like I'm on a rant, but I just feel the playing field is way unbalanced at the moment for Sony only, & the other 2 get a free pass to do as they please & not suffer near the media & forum repurcussions that Sony would & do. Look at the recent PSN outage, & how Sony were completely blamed by many for being illegally hacked, look at how much negative coverage Sony got for cyber terrorist, thief, criminals causing Sony harm & stealing & looting from the company, then look at how little coverage real stories like the attrocity BP has caused to our earth eco systems health.

I may be slightly, to way off topic, but the point is, just don't buy Nintendo crap....they haven't deserved a cent of my money since directly after the SNES.

EYEamNUMBER12654d ago

your an idiot how exactly have they been robbing the gamers
you can't be robbed of something if you don't or never have supported them

that's like saying gamestop is robbing me without ever having shopped there

ChickeyCantor2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Somehow your fanboy heart is broken.
And it's only broken because you were born to cause drama.

You mad brah...
You mad.

Main_Street_Saint2654d ago

Well than don't give them any money. It's that easy and far less ranty.

Well would it make you feel better if SEGA came back? I know it would for me.

D0ffy2654d ago

Wow.. just wow. I lol'ed at the part "Sorry if it seems like I'm on a rant".. O RLY?!

Sony doesn't need your pathetic pity, so grow up and stop making stupid rants that don't make any sense at all. If don't want to support Nintendo, fine, but spare us all from your whiny fanboyism. Every company has some great games and their own charm, but no one is "targeting" Sony, come out of that dream world of yours.

As Main_Street_Saint said so perfectly well: "Well then don't give them any money. It's that easy and far less ranty." Indeed, it's that easy.

/end of necessary flame

N4g_null2653d ago

Seriously stop trying to lead a boycott because you are not getting what you want. The best way to boycott is to stop talking about the company because eventually some one is going to become curious when your rant stops making sense and your are just throwing random reasons out there that many people don't care about.

I loved the snes also yet no one has given me any thing close to it unless I made it lol. Sony didn't do it or ms. Yet who gave me more of what I wanted nintendo did. Hell I invite Sony to show up nintendo with a better Mario 2d. Would be all over it if it was good.

Stop the whole mindless herd thing also because this is entertainment it's about fun not politics which is maybe why your so mad.

Here is a pro tip. Take a break from reading comments and flame related stories. You'll thank me and you love gaming again. Maybe you still do but even I know lots of people enjoy uncharted but I'm very sure many don't. There is no need for me to waste my time telling them why their game sucks if it's not a crique article.

Yet this is one and it's wrong again. Those games are coming nintendo just wants to see some interest since gaming sites are not promoting it at all. Yet now we have some negative articles it's being promoted so Va la you get the game now.

Really blame your gaming sites for ignoring these games and claiming there is only Mario and Zelda. To nintendo that says hey that's all you want then that's all you get.

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axisofweevils2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I have a feeling that Nintendo are waiting to see how well Xenoblade sells in Europe before releasing it in the US. That would explain why Xenoblade's release date was pushed forward by two weeks.

Perhaps it will be a Wii U launch title.

ChickeyCantor2654d ago

Just like Disaster: Day of crisis.

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