Amazing Technology Just Got Affordable

The program (named Denise) is very reminiscent of the movie version [Jarvis] except it is not as sophisticated (yet).

Denise is a learning program and can assist humans in their every day life.

She can store all your contacts, update your social media, manage and control your appointments, enable you to listen to online radio/TV, browse the internet, manage your emails, answer your phone and act as an answering machine, recite bible scriptures, translate different languages, plus much much more!

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hassi942650d ago

situation where you have 10 in blackjack.

pixelsword2650d ago

She recites bible scriptures, so I doubt that she's that type of girl.

The lack of a functional vagina may also hinder hitting that.

Saryk2650d ago

Going to buy this next week and try it out. My wife is self employed and would help her tremendously.