Call of Duty: Elite – ‘What the #*!*’

Armour up! Activision launched the official Call of Duty: Elite beta testing phase this morning, available to selected players of Call of Duty: Black Ops’ online multiplayer.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

If i do end up buying mw3 i may pay for this system because of the free maps packs and you'll save money if it's cheap enough.

Plus tournaments sound good though i may just not buy it at all.
I do have if i want tournaments so... idk if this has to much to offer.

Checkmate2653d ago

Enjoy your "free" map packs...

theEx1Le2653d ago

"Free" games with playstation plus. Its all the same, a way of making money out your userbase. However for the content PS+ is good value, but that doesn't make it any different.

rdgneoz32653d ago

@theEx1Le Nice trolling attempt bring up PS+.

As for Elite, still waiting for a full list of details and what happens when your subscription ends. Tournaments are nice, but having to pay for the sub just to play in the in a bit much...

gamingdroid2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Value is a really personal thing. Some people see value in a Ferrari, some are just fine with Duke Nukem....

Point being, if you play a lot of CoD, a map pack is hardly expensive compared to time spent. If you compare it to how maps used to be free? Well, yeah, it is expensive, but the opportunity to complain has long past.

That said, as far as I can tell CoD: Elite gives you something extra, not take something away like Online Passes. Either way you are "supporting" developers.

It's a free country (for many of you), so vote with your wallet!

theEx1Le2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

@rdgneoz3, I wasn't trolling, it's a perfectly valid comparison. Each is a subscription that offers "free" extras above the base service.

evrfighter2653d ago

lol free map packs.

I'm about to go head out and drink some free beer. I just gotta give someone money first.

Zimmerman2652d ago


Opportunity to complain has passed? I've been complaining since this trend began, along with many others. It's not to late to buck the trend, either. Nothing has passed, and I still don't think we should support this.

Really though, "dollar value" is irrelevant when the ESSENCE of these types of games has always been the availability of a variety of FREE maps born from creativity and sharing. It might be a good value, but it's soul is gone imo, it's been sold to activision and co.

andyboy132652d ago

Now as much as I can say that I so hate paying for dlc, I can say that I don't remember most games coming with 30 + mo maps. Tht being said I do wish that companies would be ok with the billions that they make off us already on the games that we do pay more for now. It's a kick
Toi the balls for us oc gamers that are now paying console prices for a oc game because we don't have the licensing fees that the consoles have yet they decided to start tacking on that 10$ anyways. Oh well I guess they are
Right in kowing that I am going to pay it regardless and that is the whole idea behind dlc as well I guess. It still sucks though!

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DarkTower8052653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

I figure it will be $50-$60 per year.

3 map packs = $45, so that + extra is what I'm thinking. If so it would be like buying 2 games.

just_looken2653d ago

also THERE JUST VIRTUAL MAPS ON A CASUAL GAME. $45 is way 2 much i just paid $12 for oblivion for f sakes.

xPhearR3dx2653d ago

You know its going to be expensive, there hyping the hell out of it, and wont tell us a price.

RedDead2652d ago

There's the first problem, 15 for a map pack? Fu** off Acti. Worth about the same as the shit in my toilet

Heartnet2652d ago

True that and if your gonna play all of the CoD games and if you get all the map packs for each of the games then this is worth the money i suppose..

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femshep2653d ago

ahhh people like you are what ruin the game industry

dude don't let activison win and rape your bank at the same times

its not cheaper at all and you certenly don't get free maps if you have to pay

MrSpace2653d ago

"ahhh people like you are what ruin the game industry"

Does anyone NOT ruin the indsutry in your world

Most of your comments you say on here are the same. You use that response all the time when people say something that you don't like.

"people like you ruin the industry" this, "people like you ruin the industry" that.......YAWN

If he wants to let Activision rape his wallet, let him

femshep2653d ago

yes because 1 person speaking out against a company that rehashes shit is against life now.....sorry codfanboy get out

DarkTower8052653d ago

In all fairness femshep, you're not speaking out against activation, you're trolling a comment section. You want to speak out? Create a blog and submit it. God knows enough blogs get approved around here. Or make a website speaking out against such business practices. Trolling someones comments is not speaking out though, it's just sounding bitter and childish.

WhiteLightning2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

You see how she gets mad when she gets called a troll, even though she actually is one. She'll ethier resort to calling you a troll or a fanboy

EDIT: Oh look at that MrSpace she's calling you a "CODFanboy", nevermind

MrSpace2653d ago

codfanboy, wow I don't even like call of duty. Whatever helps you sleep at night, I suppose. Nag Nag Nag, Moan Moan really know how to relate to female sterotypes :)

Convas2653d ago

Yeah, I don't know. Some of the female gamers on N4G don't seem to do themselves any favors. Warprincess and this one seem hellbent on constantly looking like idiots.

Heartnet2652d ago

It will work out cheaper if u get all the map packs for all future CoD games...

Thats if you were going to buy all cod games and then the map packs after that

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Dart892653d ago

You gotta look at it this way what if you decide to end you're subscription do you keep the maps or just while you're subscription is active will you get to use them which in that case let me put it in words you can understand.(THIS IS A F***ING RIP OFF) /end rant.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2653d ago

Love how people are calling me a fanboy. Truth be told i play battlefield and i never touch my cod games. Cod is a pretty bad game thats why i say "if i end up buying it"

Trunkz Jr2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Free Map packs? What about the months they don't release anything? Also, that video was Extremely lame, only a child would laugh at those jokes... o wait...

Karum2652d ago

If you download enough then you do technically end up with free content on PS Plus.

There's plenty of people out there who have downloaded content worth more than the value of the subscription if you were buying it as a non plus member meaning that anything over and above that would essentially be free.

rexbolt2652d ago

stop playing shitty games like cod

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Simco8762653d ago

Soon you will have to have Elite to play online... take that to the bank

spektical2653d ago

that was a very cheesy video.. not gonna lie

anyways, i dont think this should b a paid service. Bunch of other games have lots of community items for free, such as Killzone2/3.. although they took steps backwards with 3.. no map/game footage etc. Uncharted 2/3 has nice features as well.

elite, just brings "free" map packs, and organized tourneys. does that warrant a $40 - $50 year price tag? Im sure for lots of COD players it will.

JeffGUNZ2653d ago

I have no intentions on paying for the elite service, but you have to give some acknowledgment that they are actually making a good portion of Elite free. If you feel it's worth the money to expand your experience then more power to you. I know some people out there ONLY play COD. So, 60 a year for a game, plus 40-60 a year elite subscription = 100-120 a year per gaming for the game that they always play. If it works for them, great.

I am real curious to see the price point.

Trunkz Jr2652d ago

NO FPS game should EVER have a monthly subscription, does no matter how good a value is, it's a FPS game not MMO.

JeffGUNZ2652d ago

I do agree, there should never be one for just playing. Here there isn't. It's all additional stuff.

chriski3332653d ago

omg that video was the gayest thing i have ever seen no way will i pay for this crap

Sarobi2653d ago

Disagree with me all you want, but i really do think that Elite is beginning of a soon to be mandatory subscription

Mr Tretton2653d ago

I'm sure next gen all online features in games will be subscription based.

If that's done then they better not charge for map packs on top of that. It should an all around service you get.

Heartnet2652d ago

Nawh Elite is 90% free so theres nothing subscriptiony about it so it cannot become mandatory

Escpecially if out of 100 people only 10 are paying for it..

On top of that the competetion is offering it for free so thers no way it will be mandatory

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