The Decline of the DVD Player

After the compact disc ushered in the first digital music revolution, there were questions about whether the digital versatile disc (DVD) would have a similar impact. It did.

The DVD has become one of the most successful consumer electronics products ever in the decade since it was first test-marketed in seven American cities. About 80 percent of U.S. consumers have a DVD player in their homes; that's more than PCs, VCRs, cable television or even analog televisions for which DVDs were designed. The DVD accelerated home video purchases, and Netflix carries about 85,000 DVD titles.

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demolitionX4091d ago

I believe, the industary now should switch to DVD music and dump CDs(it's already dead). With DVD music, we would have better frequency range and 5.1 or 7.1 music

snoop_dizzle4091d ago (Edited 4091d ago )

Thats been around for a while actually. SACD and DVD-A. They are very high quality formats, the problem is that they haven't really been accepted by the main demographic of consumers, and many times its hard to find these formats. Also they are pretty expensive. Though i would agree, that should happen.

This is the very thing thats holding back the HD movie formats now. Price, and lack of knowledge about these new formats. Though this time i think it will change, and to a certain extent, it is now.

ben8064091d ago

dvd players in 80% of homes and sales are falling slightly. i wouldn't take that as a sign of the death of dvds more the fact that the market has become saturated.
sacd and dvd-a are good examples of formats which where technically better but the public ignored because of the specialist equipment needed i.e new cd player and to get the most out of them 5.1 surround system or at the very least 2.1 separates.