Why Mass Effect 3 Scares Me

GP blogger SycoMantis writes, "I've been a Bioware nerd since I started delving into the gaming world. Baldur's Gate II was one of my first loves, and Bioware has rarely, if ever, disappointed. They've just churned out epic series after epic series. Baldur's Gate, Knights of the Old Republic, and probably the grandest yet, Mass Effect. As much of a nerdgasm as the very thought of "Mass Effect 3" brings me to, I can't help but be very worried about what the end result will be. Here are my reasons in no particular order."

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Lord_Sloth2652d ago

It doesn't scare me at all. I'll pic it up eventually, play it, beat it and that'll be the end of it. The franchise (and Bioware) is overrated a pretty good bit. Every1 says it's a 10/10, even in the case of the 2nd title. I say it's an 8/10 tops for ME1 and a 7.5 for ME2. ME3 will be even more like a shooter than the previous 2.

RedDead2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

I agree, ME2 was a shooter with an elaborate mission select screen and some choices. Problem was the shooting mechanics and enemy variety was pretty bad(acually not bad, just average compared to other Tps), they could get away with their inexperience in the genre if the made it more of an Rpg over shooter, but they aren't. Maybe coming from both ME1 and 2 their experience will help. I hope so anyway.

WhiteLightning2651d ago

"will be even more like a shooter than the previous 2."

Because instead of giving us a choice like what the game is built around, they added thermal clips with this stupid reason about why they are now being used.

Thermal Clips make it feel like any other third person shooter, to be honest all soldier classes or people who like to go in guns blazing would find thermal clips usefull. In ME2 I never used my squad or biotics (being a vanguard) as much because I just defeated enemies easiley with all that "ammo" you got.

M_Prime2651d ago

i dont know about Lord_sloth and RedDeadDestroyer but i think the Mass effect games are so well done but ME1 felt better and had more choices then 2..

after playing Mass Effect a lot of games just don't feel up to par for a while for me.. it happened with ME1 and it happened with ME2.. anything i played after was MEH for a bit

SageHonor2651d ago

Some of these were kinda already addressed.. Lets wait until we see more information