Uncharted 3 Beta Ends - Gamers Sad

After just under three weeks Naughty Dog has ended the Uncharted 3 Beta, after extending it by a day. Read on for more.

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Dart892679d ago

I will buy subway just so i can try the full multiplayer experience.

chaos9992679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Sad to play a horrible MP?
Uncharted 2 MP IS way better than this.

Baba19062679d ago

i enjoyed it =D im sad. cant wait for the singleplayer though.

NewMonday2678d ago


its still their in HC mode

chaos9992678d ago

I played Uncharted 2 for 150h. I have my reason to say that. And no, I own only a PS3.

The Kick Back/Power Play isn't the problem.
They ruined the headshot's system first of all.

waltyftm2679d ago

Roll on November, loved the Beta and will miss it loads.

@chaos999 Uncharted 2 MP is good but i have played Uncharted 3 way more, and it sure aint horrible.

blackburn102679d ago

Awwwww. Just when I was getting the hang of it. I was starting to win free for alls. I am sad to see it go but happy to play the better finished version in November

jobboy2679d ago

well....time to skip to the resistance 3 beta :)

JakemanPS319942678d ago

I'm loving the resistance 3 beta! It might be my favorite fps of the year.

OT: I'm really sad because i didnt get to level 25! Got sucked into DBZ.. Well I really loved it cant wait to see how they expanded on the co-op story

Strange_Evil2678d ago

I had to stop playing at Level 24 since I had to go out of town :(

All in all I loved the beta. I never really got into the UC2 multi-player as I never gave it a chance. But after playing UC3, I am all hyped for the game. Day 1 buy.

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