More hints that Sonic Generations is coming indeed to the PC

DSOGaming writes: "After the previous rumors about Sonic Generations coming to PC, new evidence have emerged and suggest that the much anticipated Sonic title will actually get released on the PC, although we currently don’t know whether the PC version will get released alongside the console versions or at a later date."

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BeastlyRig2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

yeah! dx11 please!

zerocrossing2704d ago

Sonic generations looks awesome, I wonder what happened to Sonic 4 episode 2 though...

ConstipatedGorilla2704d ago

I want to believe this game will be good, but I downloaded the demo on 360 and it was horrible. Camera was so close to sonic, you couldn't see 3 steps ahead of you. Frame rate was extremely poor as well. I hope it was some kind of joke.

RockmanII72703d ago

I hope it does and someone recreates Sonic 1 with the Gen engine.

fatstarr2694d ago

Cant wait i got to pick up this and mw3 for my pc gaming fix.