Ubisoft announces Uplay Passport price

Electronic Arts has it. THQ has it. Warner Bros. has it. Hell, even Sony has it. What’s it, you ask? Answer: an online pass network program.

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newleaf2747d ago

EA what have you done?? Can anyone confirm that SONY's pass was officially priced at $20 like that article claimed?

rdgneoz32747d ago

I haven't seen any offical confirmation on price for the PSN Pass, just most people speculating that its $10 to $20 seeing how its what others are doing.

As for online passes. You can tank Gamestop for companies developing the practice. They make a ton off of used games, and it was only short time till developers and publishers wanted to get a piece of it.

DragonKnight2747d ago

It isn't Gamestop's fault. These companies ALL make sales when stores like Gamestop buy their games in bulk. These companies are just greedy, they want a continual revenue stream from people buying the same game over and over. These devs and publishers don't see a damn cent when you sell your games in a garage sale either, but they'd sure as hell try to prevent anyone from playing them if they could.

It's pure greed. They like to play a victim card, but they aren't a victim at all. These devs and pubs don't sell the games directly to the consumer, they sell them to stores like Gamestop who pay for them. They make sales either way. They just want more and are pissed off that Gamestop found a way to generate a consistent revenue stream after the final sale.

Why o why2747d ago

A dangerous precedent has been set and continued. The industry we love will continue to take a mile from an inch if we let them just like paying to play online, paying for dlc already on the disk and parts of games being held back to be sold to us at a later date.

The moneymen will continue to give it to us in our necks. I understand the devs lose money because of retailers and 2nd hand game sales but im a gamer not a dev and have to care about myself more than them. A secondhand buyer doesnt all of a sudden duplicate the online space taken up by game purchased in the used section. Its one in one out not one plus one so i cant see how this cost the devs any more. It will persuade some to buy brand new but some cant afford that. Gaming is expensive enough without these dirty tricks being thrown at us on top of everything else.

RememberThe3572747d ago

I'm pretty sure the EA pass for Medal of Honor was 9.99 so hopefully it's more in that range.

Shmotz2747d ago

As far as I know no price has been announced yet.

consolez_FTW2747d ago

Ubisoft needs to get rid of Uplay. It's a waste, especially when PSN,XBL, and Steam already exist.

Quagmire2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Heck no, not when Uplay offers FREE themes and skins and weapon upgrades upon completing certain tasks.

Les-Grossman2747d ago

I will be amazed if Microsoft has the balls to do this after charging for XBOX Live. The back slash for that would be incredible

Raven_Nomad2747d ago

Is their backlash for Sony? I mean they have PSN+. There is nothing stopping people from playing single player games without a pass or paying for online.

Also, you will notice the biggest game franchises aren't doing this, it's the smaller ones. I for one don't feel any sympathy for game companies, if I buy a game and choose to sell it to Gamestop or Ebay or at a Garage sale then people should be able to play the games offline and online.

C_Menz2747d ago

At least for Socom Sony gave PSN+ users the Socom "pass" for free. So if you have PSN+ you can still buy used games if they go this way forward.

BeastlyRig2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Just like Activision started the $60 game standard EA will start the Game pass standard.. That why I like PC! I have more power to hurt the company or avoid the drms..

These corporations better be good little boys or else..

Look at call of duty! Biggest game ever but they won't spend money on their fans who made them what they are to have dedicted servers & they still make more money each time..
Console players take a lot of crap.. it's sad but hey you guy get the big budget games huh?

Les-Grossman2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

PSN+ is not required to play online like it is for XBOX Live & paying to play online. So Sony can get away with PSN+ unlike with what they are doing with their passes

consolez_FTW2747d ago

Somebody forgot to tell Raven_Nomad that PS+ is completely optional.

5119ent2747d ago

They do these passes on top of xbox live...

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darksied2747d ago

Others have said this, and I hate to say it again, because I'm against it, but we had better get used to it. This is not going to go away until companies like Gamestop don't exist anymore (i.e. never). It might be obvious sometimes, and other times it might not be noticeable, but used games generally hurt sales, so this is a way for them to recoup some of that "lost money" as they see it. I'm not a fan of it; I generally wait for Steam or someone else to give me cool deals on games, or I just buy console games I kinda want when they're on sale later. Those games I really want, I will buy full price, but that's not many.

Anyway, I don't like it, but it's here to stay.

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