RroD: It's Not Right

VelocityGamer writes: People will just keep buying more 360 replacements. I can't believe how consumer tolerance has changed over the last several decades. At least from what I perceive it had been.

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BubbleSniper2704d ago

red parallelogram of death

subtenko2704d ago

Its not a right, its a privilege....privilege for you to not play with kinect xD

Nah, but seriously, hopefully M$ doesnt rush their next system :/

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

SixZeroFour2703d ago

OMG!! he said agree or disagree if you agree!! what do i click if i just disagree?!?! /sarcasm

you really think that if you write that, ppl will have a second thought whether or not to click the disagree button?

RRoD articles are back? thought we were passed this?

kneon2703d ago

It's still happening so why get passed it? All but one of my friends with 360s have have had multiple failures. The one that has only had one failure only uses it a few hours a week.

jke822703d ago

* stares at agree/disagree*


*head explodes*

subtenko2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

See SixZeroFour's comment folks? It speaks for itself..

I simply wrote a comment and he got uptight for some reason :/

on Topic, RROD is even a problem on some of the new xbox's (well I think its called something else, but its still a problem.) Again, I hope companys like M$ really put time into not rushing a product. Its sucks as a consumer if a product breaks..

Agree or Disagree if you Agree to that too! :)

SixZeroFour2703d ago

@subtenko - i didnt get uptight, i was merely pointing out that putting that little "signature" style ending on every single comment isnt going to make ppl think twice about hitting the disagree...its just plain idiotic

@kneon - i didnt say it wasnt happening anymore, im saying do we still need articles about how the RRoD is a bad thing? that was well established many years ago...its like how ppl are passed the psn hacking incident, now wouldnt ppl (mainly psn users) get annoyed if they started seeing articles about how the psn hacking was a bad thing all over again when that time has passed

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georgeenoob2704d ago

lmao this is funny. Fail article with Sony fans supporting it (who don't even own a 360).

First of all, the only 360s getting RRODs are the models of 2007 and earlier. I, for example, had my 360 since july of '08, and no sign of RROD. Second, MS has already resolved this issue on last year's E3 when they announced their new model which is invulnerable to the 360.

Nice try, fanboys.

SixZeroFour2703d ago

actually, no...the newer models are still getting RRoD but at a significantly lower rate than the earlier models...but all electronics have failure rates, its nothing new, even the almighty ps3 has the ylod

Lazy_Sunday2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

The more you troll people about how they're fanboys, the worse a fanboy you'll look. We have sort of a silent policy here. Present a strong and factual or short but entertaining argument to your defense and we'll accept it. Present opinionated bullshit and you'll get flagged for trolling. N4G is a website full of fanboys, but we're not so ignorant about it anymore. Try to be mature about your fanboyism, or you'll just get disagrees. Especially if you present false information.
Here are the facts: RROD is still occurring, even in 2011--the failure rate has dropped drastically, but it's still almost 11% higher than the PS3's. Opinion or no, YLOD or no, facts are more right than a bloated opinion.

Anon19742703d ago

Wait, so when the new 360's came out, someone slipped inside my home and replaced my old 360 which has died on my 3 times already and replaced it and I don't have to worry anymore?

Well that's fantastic! They should have really advertised that they were doing this. I had no idea rrod had been solved. And here I had stopped buying games for my 360 for the most part because I expected my 4th console to die eventually with no warranty left and I wasn't planning on replacing it. /s

trenso12703d ago

how would you know only 360 from07 are getting rrod? do you live in every home with a 360..cause thats creepy. on topic my relative got one in 09 and he already got a ring of death not so yea 360 are still getting rings.

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50Terabytespersec2703d ago

Jesus Bejesus,, Stop buying this garbage from MS.(Mango,Vista RROD,kinect)
Damn Americans stop!!!being programed commercial whores.Is your pimp MS???
LOOK at what they spend on ads versus other companies like Sony etc..
Crap like Kinect is selling ? Why??Why?
Commercials!!Millions on etc.
Millions from you idiots who bought 2 360's!!!
You'd think they save money and invest in better engineering and make products that LAST!!!!
NO they spend on marketing and ads to swoon you moroons!!!
Wake up!!
demand quality over commercialized Coolness.
last I check MS was never and will never be cool.
nerds that over complicate crap and end up paying for it.
You want cool try Sony Apple.Android or (this is a stretch here ..Nintendo!)
Don't buy the hype..
Stop being programmed!!.

morkendo232703d ago

2008 all over again with RROD articles?? give us a break.

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nopunctuation2705d ago

Its never been right. MS handled the RROD so poorly that it is an insult to gamers. It got so bad at one point that you had a better chance of guessing heads or tails than getting a good 360. What does MS do? Make a warranty that lets you ship in your 360 and have it fixed with the same parts that broke it in the first place. That doesnt solve the problem at all. What MS should have done is admit they rushed the Xbox 360, recall every defective 360, refund every user who bought one, and make new 360's that are free of the problem. That probably would have ended up costing them less than the billions of dollars put in through the warranty strategy. MS chose to pretend like the problem didnt exist altogether and it just got worse. The sick thing is that people payed for new 360s anyway, which means MS is free to do the same thing again if they want to because they know they can get away with it. Only in America.

tplarkin72704d ago

3 year warranty on RROD. They cover all shipping costs, too.

SilentNegotiator2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

They should have recalled it and redesigned it. The signs were there really early on that there were issues, and they did nothing.

And yet Microsoft claimed that the 360 was within the industry standard of 3-5%, and didn't truly acknowledge the 360's massive issues (or instate the 3 year warranty) until mid-2007.

So yeah, they cover the costs of the fix that THEY didn't take the preventive measures to avoid in the first place (Although they're too cheap to send out 'coffins' anymore). We don't 'win' or become 'even-steven' on this deal; we lose time with the game system we originally paid $400 on.

TheRacingX2704d ago

....and after my nephews 3rd one RRoD at the 3yr and 2 month mark M$ told him it would cost $150 plus shipping to send it back for repairs. Might as well just go buy a new one, which I'm sure millions do everyday thats why they keep selling so many every month and bragging about tell me M$ why isn't your software attach rate going up like Sony's is? because your reselling consoles to the same sheep over and over....thats why the 3 yr plan is genius, keep sending it back get it fixed, buy more crap, when it keeps breaking and then the warranty is out, you have to buy another. Its the drug dealer, addict scenario, just keep them hooked long enough to keep spending their money and they'll have to keep coming back because they're in too deep....

Rush2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Well at least they didn't give the details of a possible 100 million people away to hackers, and not bother to tell them to about a week afterwards.

If you want an example of a company poorly handing this generation look no further then that. It got 10x the media coverage the RROD has ever had and for good reason.

But yeah here's to bringing up old irrelevant shit that doesn't effect either console any more and trolling about it regardless.

redDevil872704d ago

Oh please

Sony didn't "give away" details, some a-hole leaked it. It weren't Sony's fault. Unlike MS who knew about the hardware flaws yet still shipped the 360, cheaping out on hardware.

jdfoster002704d ago

Firs of all the notified all psn acounts 24 hours after they identified the problem and what it did. Second of all No credit info was taken just the POSSIBILITY of emails and passwords and address. And why defend something like this with an answer like that? That's trolling behind belief that. Yes Sony got that wrong, although they handled it very well, identifying the problem etc, but yes poor pr. And MS got this wrong. Now stfu.

Thecraft19892704d ago

100 million people ? 100 million accounts big difference. There is only 55million ps3 sold.

Now Its stupid argument anyway since some of biggest company's have had the same problem. PayPal,banks,Us government, do I need to continue ?

The big difference here is Sony got attack they complied with the law as best as they could.

MS released console knowing it had major issues as it was RROD at game conference and even at the first hands on. Even after so many different revisions they failed to fix such issues.

Now they handled the issues amazingly there is no question there. Giving amazing customer service and support to effected users.

Now they made mistake they will live it no point in bringing up past. Yes slims have the problems but so do all gadgets and I think slims falls in the average failure rate.

But sitting there defending them is just fan boy talk. But that's what the article was attended to do. Why it was approved. Simply becuase this site has shit approval system and is run by trolls and fan boys.

SilentNegotiator2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

"Well at least they didn't give the details of a possible 100 million people away to hackers, and not bother to tell them to about a week afterwards"

Stop with the ridiculous fanboy drum-banging.

The "details" that were leaked were details that people get and sell to companies really easily, regardless of a leak. Credit Card details were never stolen thanks to Sony encrypting them. Sony didn't tell us what they weren't sure about until they were sure about it?! Those horrible people! /s

Your....I mean, PS3 owners' important information was protected, and Sony improved on security. 3 weeks without online and no important lost info...what a loss.

Rush2704d ago

I already stated how I was trolling about irrelevant shit that didn't matter any more.

it's rather stereotypical of N4G to fill articles like this with Microsoft criticism.

Why being completely unable to accept any towards Sony, sorry again am the fanboy here?

Logic states otherwise carry on banging your fanboy drum "SilentNegotiator"

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2704d ago

What does this have to do with the subject? oh...nothing.

The truth is, the RROD was a big problem. Hopefully Microsoft does rush the next XBox.

Tito082704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

@ Rush Every company makes mistakes as people usually does, Sony made their share of mistakes, Nintendo, Sega, Atari, every single company, you can't pretend as if Microsoft doesn't do mistakes at all, they knew the console was unreliable, why releasing the system a few months after it got announced, also releasing the slim the same day it got announced... There was 3 year warranty, but probably in case a 2nd system brakes!!!!!

Of course they did it to have a more established install base and easely sell more systems before the competition, of course great strategy, but they did it at the cost of their customers...Even older systems than the 360 have very low failure rates, it's embarrassing, my Dreamcast and Genesis are still working!!!!!

blackburn102704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Oh please. Don't even try that. The RROD was a problem that Microsoft caused. The PS3 breach was caused by outside interference by idiotic, arrogant hackers. The RROD was %100 Microsoft's fault for rushing the console out before finding out it had a console destroying glitch. No system ever had such a high fail rate (and don't bring up the PS2. The problem it had neither destroyed or bricked the console).

If Sony had made this mistake they would want them burned at the stake. Microsoft and friends slithered out of the mess they made and get praised for what they did. 3 years to stop a problem they are responsible for and they get praised,defended and complimented for it.So just stop.

ndl15312703d ago

look at you firing back with that cheap shot haha. does it hurt when people tell the truth about your precious ms? because you seem to defend them so . dont be a blind idiot sony didn't give away anything unlike ms knowing its hardware was faulty from the start and STILL launched .

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buttclown2704d ago

While I agree Microsoft should of handled it better. I had 2 red ring which were replaced for free with hardly any questions asked. For my money, they took care of me.

If however, it happens and they don't replace it, that's the last purchase I would give them.

hennessey862705d ago

as i've only ever bought two, the original pro which bricked three times but got replaced for free and then i bought a slim which has not gone wrong as of yet

omi25p2703d ago

That what i was think ive owned 3 xboxs, 1 red ringed after a major power cut short circuited it causing it to fry it self. That same power cut did the same thing to my tv so im not blaming MS for that.

Then my second one something went wrong and it stopped reading discs. So i sent it in and it was replaced for free and my current one is working fine.

Also this isnt a fanboy comment, but all the huge sony fans joking about the 360's failure rate and yet i remember the ps2 having the same problem, but this time it was the lens breaking and being unable to read discs. This problem happened alot after GTA San andreas came out if i remember right.

Zashule2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I have news for you. If you have had 8 Xboxes RROD on you, it has nothing to do with MS, more likely it has to do with your hygiene and the cleanliness of your house. The fact that it can overheat if you don't maintain it I don't call a defect. The Xbox circulates the air like a vacuum, so anything in the air will pass through and collect on the system, raising the temperature (especially if you have pets or worse, smoke!). I am still on my first Xbox 360, I pull it open every 3 months and blow it out with a compressor and clean the dust off, just as I do with my PS3 and PC. It is like running a car non stop without changing the oil or the filters, then yelling at Ford or Chevy when it overheats!

I can understand some of these people who have been through 3 with the luck of the draw, but 8? You are doing something horribly wrong my friend.

Edit: Just to clarify - I do know there has been a defect in the X-clamp system and the solder compound, I know it happens even to people who take extreme care of their consoles, I just believe in this case it is a lack of maintenance that caused it.

Op242705d ago

Actually it has everything to do with MS. They are the ones who put out a faulty console. Don't get me wrong I play my 360 a bunch have pets and don't smoke and I take very good care of my electronics and it still red rings. My PS3 is right next to my 360 gets about the same amount of use and has never had a problem.

NyGiants72704d ago

But some people have that rare original 360 that doesn't break, my friends had his since launch and I'm amazed it hasn't broken yet.

nopunctuation2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

That fact that you're trying to suggest that 54.2% of 360 users in 2009 had "bad hygiene" is pretty insulting to 360 gamers. PS3 circulates air in the same way and as you can see in the link, the failure rate is much lower. I will grant you that the RROD problem has pretty much been fixed thanks to the slim 360, but that came way too late for people who had to put up with a pretty solvable problem for 4 years. That kind of failure rate is unacceptable and they way it was just swept under the rug is just shameful. An apology and full recall would have been the proper way to do it but MS was too desperate and still never really admitted fault to this day. Any other form of media would have been crucified for this but as usual, gamers are too stubborn and uninformed to notice.

EVILDEAD3602704d ago

LMFAO @ that fake Game informer survey being quoted as a FACT that 54% of gamers 360s had the red ring.

The fact is NONE of my original, Elite and now Slim have failed. NOne of my 360s that we given as gifts have failed. I wont lie and say that when the problem arose it made me take procautions in my handling such as keeping the 360 in a place were it didn't promote overheating. But, that survey was pure Fail then and it is now.

The problem was real, Micfrsoft spent the money to rectify the situation and they have recovered. The author is mad BECAUSE Micrsoft didn't go out of business. Keep ranting...what didn't kill them made them stronger.

Bottomline..All you can do is learn from your mistakes and keep it moving. The new Slim plays like a dream.


Hockeydud192705d ago

Are you serious? Most gamers I know today take care of their stuff considering how much money is put into the Xbox and it's games. Your one of the lucky few on their first Xbox 360. My friends house has a smoker, 3 dogs and a cat that's in his room all the time and some how he's still on his first 360. AND he dosen't take that good care of it. Plus I've had mine work one night and then the next morning it red ringed.

Zashule2705d ago

Very serious. If I had a dollar for every Red Ring I've fixed that the customer claimed the took care of it, or were very careful with, only to be disgusted by the innards, I would be rich. There is a difference between taking care of, and actively maintaining your system. From the point of view of someone who fixes consoles for a living, trust me when I tell you that 9/10 of the consoles I see in for a red ring are horribly maintained, to the point of being clogged with dirt and dust. 9/10 of those could have been prevented. Am I saying that MS has nothing to do with this? Not at all, of course their design allows the dirt to be trapped, along with having solder that easily loses its contact and the horrible X-Clamp design bending the boards when they get hot. But at the same time, it is preventable. Like I said, there is still that 1/10 (according to what I see) that is a natural failure because the heatsync comes loose, etc..
You can disagree with me all you want, it doesn't change what I have personally dealt with in my time repairing consoles.

Jocosta2704d ago

So is he saying that he has forked over full price for 8 consoles or what?

n to the b2704d ago

@Zashule: "I pull it open every 3 months and blow it out with a compressor"

now why would I do that, knowing it would void my warranty?

kaveti66162704d ago

your warranty is only voided if you open up a special component that is covered with a sticker. opening up the casing of the console does not void the warranty.

Zashule2703d ago

The reason I do that is because as I stated, part of my job is repairing consoles, so if it kills over, I am able to easily fix it without having to send it off for 3-6 weeks. Personal preference I suppose, but the first thing I do when I buy a new console is tear it open and check out how it works. You don't necessarily need to open it to clear out the dust and dirt, I just like to be extremely thorough.

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