PS4 concept packed with futuristic tech would make Sony proud

Gamers want the PlayStation 4. Developers want the PlayStation 4. Sony says not to expect the PS4 for at least another handful of years. What's a brother to do if he really wants a PS4? If your name is Joseph Dumary, you design your own and cram it with so much futuristic tech, the "father of the PlayStation," Ken Kutaragi, would cry tears to see this thing make it past the the concept stage.

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beast242tru2744d ago

would make a good ps3 slim design

morkendo232743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

these designers FOOLED us once with WII-U design not anymore, this fake concept ps4 possibility.
dont think Sony would design ps4 as a copy of ps2 with 2 controller ports only.. no usb ports,memory stick ports.

Arnon2743d ago

And also put Sony in a hole. 4000 resolution, with 5 USB ports, and wireless HDMI to support up to 6 screens at once? Okay. That's a good what... $2000 console?

Nice design, though.

liveActionLeveler2744d ago

Wow!, if I didn't already know this was a concept I would seriously take it for being the real PS4!! Looks amazing!!!

geoholyhart2744d ago

Somebody call Sony and get this man a job!

just_looken2744d ago

wake up you know how much this will cost and wireless hdmi is crap compared to cable also you will need a reviver. Its like saying a $900 pc rig will make a good console well yeah but who would pay a grand for a console.

FlareDReborn2744d ago

Looks to similarly to what we have now but its awesome!

phinch2743d ago

if the looks not broke, don't fix it ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.