'Xbox 720 and PS4 not out until 2014'

The next consoles from Sony and Microsoft will not launch until three years' time, predicts GameStop.

Senior executives from the US retail giant made the claim during a series of investor meetings, according to financial research firm Baird.

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rebirthofcaos2705d ago

mmmmmmm... since everything end at 2012, seems that we wont see another gen XD j/k

Abash2705d ago

I'll use a quote from Wayne's World to sum up what I think about a 2014 release for those consoles.

"Yeah sure, and maybe monkey's will fly out of my butt"

MintBerryCrunch2704d ago

if people think that MS and Sony are going to give Nintendo a 2 year advantage, then they have another thing coming, nobody expected the Wii and its motion controller to explode on the market like it did, some are skeptical about the Wii U, but i see their new system becoming very popular so long as they have their top selling franchises available at launch

nopunctuation2704d ago

No 2013 at the earliest for Ps3. No announcement at e3 this year but we should see something for 2012 E3 with a release date 1 year later. PS3 stil has a little juice but not much. It has one year before it needs a sucessor.

Loner2704d ago

720 will release first.Probably in 2013

GamerSciz2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Why are people predicting about when the next-gen is coming out? We still have AAA games coming out this gen. I for one am not ready to spend another $600 on a new console...

bumnut2704d ago

Its been 6 years, thats long enough.

f7897902704d ago

I've always looked forward to the newest consoles but something about this gen has me satisfied. Graphics this gen allowed all the things not possible before like not having constant thick fog. What will the next generation of consoles give us that the current can't?

I say drag it out as long as possible. I'm fine with it.

GamerSciz2704d ago

Wow apparently gamers are never satisfied. So what if it's been 6 years the devs are still making great looking fun games for PS3/360. Wii was at it's end and showing it especially with motion being out now for PS3 and 360. Wii U I can understand the announcement but why all the predictions. Why not just wait until we hear something. Otherwise people are just giving their hopes up...

bumnut2704d ago

Its been 6 years since 360 released, if they wait until 2014 it will be pushing 9 years which is too long.

Im playing my games on pc at full 1080p in 3d, current consoles can't match that, the gap will only increase over time.

new gen asap please.

WooHooAlex2704d ago

I'm sticking by my prediction that both will be out before or around holiday 2013.

tiffac2704d ago

I say around 2013. I would be surprise if MS or Sony let Nintendo alone for more than a year.

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