Soul Calibur V character silhouette revealed

XMNR: The Soul Calibur V development team teased a reveal of new characters for the PS3 and Xbox 360 game by previously revealing silhouettes for the characters. Now game director Daishi Odashima has unveiled one of the new characters, a perky female ninja.

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an0nym0us2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

blonde ninja yellow eyes? Well she obviously isn't japanese... she looks to replace Taki which i like better since she is japanese.

Lord_Sloth2678d ago

She might be half, ya know.

Maybe Taki had a think for Seigfried or another white boy.

a_squirrel2678d ago

I clicked cause of the pic :O

Minartis2678d ago

Looks interesting, I kind of admire the dev team for moving the story forward , and bringing in a lot of new characters.

I wonder if Dampierre and Tira are still in, and also who the 'bonus' characters will be?

zerocrossing2678d ago

I agree, Even though I still think the old games were great, Im glad Namco Bandai is moving the story ahead and adding new characters so the franchise doesn't get old and stale.

I do hope the new characters wont end up just being a new skin for older characters they replace though.

Warprincess1162678d ago

Lame. She doesn't look like a badass like taki. She too happy.

midgard2272678d ago

taki never looked badass, she was hot and just had blue or redskin for armor with huge boobs and an ugly mask.

I still like taki, but to say taki looks badass is sorta over rating her lol

AngelicIceDiamond2678d ago

Great a perky blond haired spinoff of Taki. Taki was one of my faves to.

DarkBlood2678d ago

yeah taki my fav character to use in soul calibur i hope shes still in it if not then i guess this person will be the one i use the most

jc485732678d ago

taki was more "developed."

DarkBlood2678d ago

well hey its all down to genetics lol we dont know her age yet so she could either be young and or the small size type which is just perfectly fine for me too

jc485732678d ago

so what? how long till we see her grow?

TenSteps2678d ago


When Namco decide to do another timeskip.

I wonder if they'll keep Talim though and what would she be like as an adult in her late 20's early 30's how old was she anyway?

jc485732678d ago

not even 18 if I remember correctly.

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The story is too old to be commented.