The Biggest Disappointments In Gaming

"The last couple of weeks made a lot of gamers very angry. Many of which had been waiting for Duke Nukem Forever, well forever. Over ten years in the making for this game and fans were hoping for the best. Perhaps they got their hopes a little too high, but regardless many a gamer was disappointed. Disappointment actually happens a lot to gamers. A lot can be said about the media hyping up a game for months until you finally get to play it only to realize its not quite what you’d hoped. RoboAwesome would like to share with you some games that made us rather disappointed. Feel free to chime in yourself and let us know what games disappointed you."

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Moduserous2745d ago

Curse you Perfect Dark Zero!!!


Is he crazy...Im not even a WII fan but i have to admit Mario kart WII was a very good and fun game.

SilentNegotiator2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

But not as good as Double Dash, if you ask me.

My biggest disappointment is unquestionably Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. It focused around vehicles so that they could put in a bunch of Xbox Live multiplayer modes. Remember the fun little FPS shooter that they had in Tooie? I'd rather play that.....and have some more actual platforming in the single player.

starcb262745d ago

Mario Kart wii is fun, but very unbalanced.

WhiteLightning2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

"Next came Final Fantasy VIII, and while it wasn’t quite as amazing as VII, it was still an awesome game"

I actually thought it was to be honest, I'm not a sheep with the "FF7 is the best game ever" crowds (you know how most of the people who say it havent even played the game). Most of the things people complained about in FF8 were stupid..."Oh that junction system is so complicated", yet people say in the next sentence "You can easiley get your health to 9999 if you use the junction", oh so it isn't that complicated is it. How about Sqaulls character, the "Depressing" teenager....I'm sorry but it's all to do with his character development from a lonley selfish jerk to a brave heroic leader (best character development in the series IMO) , people easiley just talk about Squall from who they have met at the start of the game, sometimes it sounds like nobody has finished the game to see his transformation in character. How can you forget this complaint..."Oh the draw feature in battles is crap", drawing magic in battle isn't the only way to gain it, I never once used draw in battle unless it was for GF's and I had alot of magic at the end of the game (Thank you Island of Heaven Hell)....I honestly think people over exagertae the new changes in the game so people can't say it's better then FF7, but to be honest, it kind of was.

You know what's funny about FF13, the battles were one of the few things it was praised on and yet a few months later people said it was crap, boring and repetitive....which it was. I like turn based, it worked for Lost Odyssey and that was the true next gen FF game.

RoboSpiff2745d ago

Lost Odyssey was awesome, even if it made you cry every single depressing short story EVER.

WhiteLightning2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

I know, I think it was sad when


Lirum died after Kaine just found out she was alive.

See that FF13, that was story and Drama, not a load of crap about Crystals and some whiny, annoying kid complaining the whole game, blaming someone for his mothers death.

NiteX2745d ago

@whitelightning You didn't get very far in 13 did you? I loved the story.

WhiteLightning2745d ago

@NiteX I got half way in and I still thought it was crap. I knew it wasn't going to get any better so I traded it in.

Like what it says in the article, this didn't feel or play as a FF game.

RoboSpiff2745d ago

I had gripes with FFXIII, but ultimately I wanted to finish it. The main reason I didnt finish it was because when my xbox got stolen, disc 2 was in there.

Since I now have a Ps3, im debating on getting FFXIII for that and maybe playing it again, mostly for the story.

I miss jRPGs on console... I wish Nintendo would get their heads out of their asses and bring Xenoblade and Last Story over.

Or maybe make a real sequel to Blue Dragon. Loved that game.

just_sayin2745d ago

Blue Dragon was fun the only problem was the song for boss battles got tired of hearing it.

thebudgetgamer2745d ago

agreed, blue dragon is the first jrpg to draw me in since ff7.

RoboSpiff2745d ago

@Just_Sayin are you kidding me? That song was BAD ass, not to mention it was Ian Gillian of DEEP PURPLE?!

AronDeppert2745d ago

I guess Fable 3 was slightly disappointing. But I still enjoyed it, it just didn't measure up to what I was expecting.

CoryHG2745d ago

Really? Mario Kart Wii basically is the reason to own a Wii. Final Fantasy X? It's Classic. You wanna see what a disappointment is? Read this.

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