Captain America: Super Soldier Takes Aim At Playstation 3 Hard Drive

TGH Writes: "Captain America prepares to set out to store shelves on Tuesday in North America on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. It looks like potential owners of the Playstation 3 version are in for some Hard Drive restructuring if they plan on enjoying the new title on a fully loaded HDD."

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BlueTemplar2654d ago

OH NOES! how will we cope? /s

colonel1792654d ago

Are people still having problems with this? Can't people just move on? Ok, it was cool to hate on Sony in 2006 and 2007, and finding anything to hate on was the thing, but now is 2011 and I can't understand why there is still some that can't just let go.

xAlmostPro2654d ago

oh no.. about 5minutes to install 4gb.. to cancel hours worth of loading :/

damn you sony /s

newleaf2654d ago

5 minutes? Really? Hours of loading? Seriously?

xAlmostPro2654d ago

Erm yes.. the longest known ps3 install was the mgs4 installs peaking at about 15minutes..

Hours overall.. not that hard to work out :D

Philoctetes2654d ago

So a game I'm not going to buy might have taken up a small portion of my hard drive, most of which is currently vacant. This is big news.

cervantes992654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Wow - let it go already you pussy fu**

Sorry - but I have had enough of every other article bitching about this or that - so many gamers today are just plain pussy whipped cry babies - no better way to say it.

Anyone who has been gaming since the 70's just has to laugh at these little pricks that do not have a clue.

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