Far Cry 3 on Wii U? That remains to be seen, says Ubisoft

Hoping that Far Cry 3 might be coming to Wii U? Don't hold your breath. Ubisoft has told it's concentrating on versions for the other three platforms first - though the publisher hasn't ruled out the possibility, either.

"That all remains to be seen, to be honest," said Jamie Keen, lead designer on the open world shooter. "Right now we'll concentrate on those three lead SKUs [PC, PS3 and Xbox 360], and we'll have to see how it goes from there."

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trainsinrdr2705d ago

Far Cry 2 had potential but it turned out in all fairness a load of bull excretion but hopefully this game will do what far cry 2 tried to do.

consolez_FTW2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

yeah man,I agree. Hopefully no matter what system FC3 is on, lets just hope it's better than FC2. I still can't complete FC2. I'm so burnt out on it by now. Though judging from that E3 trailer, I have high hopes for FC3, looks great.

Rrobba2705d ago

I'd like to see how the new controller could be used in Far Cry 3. I will be getting Far Cry 3, regardless of the platform - it looks far better than the disappointment that was Far Cry 2.

firelogic2705d ago

lol, all the big developers are saying, "No plans right now" or "It remains to be seen." When it comes to bringing their big franchises to the WiiU. I'm not surprised at all. WiiU won't get support because #1. It's Nintendo. and #2. PS360 combine for over 100 million unit sales. Of course they're going to concentrate on the huge installed base first.

Then when the next PS3/360 is released, they'll concentrate on that instead of the WiiU. I think Nintendo made a huge mistake releasing this 1.5 hardware this early. And due to the high price-point, it's not going to be picked up by the casuals like the Wii was.

pinkyxyz2705d ago

You know for a new system thats scheduled to come out next year, there sure are alot of games announcing that are NOT going to be on it.

Apotheosize2705d ago

future multiplats being on all 4 platforms will probably become the norm, get used to it

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The story is too old to be commented.