ATI R680 Faster Than nVidia 8800 Ultra

R680 is made of two RV670 chips on a single PCB and it will act as Crossfire on a single board. ATI tried this before, but at launch time, drivers will finally be there.

Expect this supposed 8800 Ultra killer in January of 2008.

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ShiftyLookingCow4092d ago

this is coming in too late, more than 6 months after ultra was released. Why would anyone buy this when nvidia could release 9 series 2-3 months after this?

Ps3Fanboy7774091d ago

Great you finally beat Nvidia.. Whats funny is the reason they are so behind is from developing the chip for the 360. Wonder if they look back now and go WTF did we do?!?

ATI is no longer even on the radar for PC builders. Really dont know how anyone justifies the purchase of any of there cards.

Right now the 8800 GT is the best all around card. $220 is a sweet deal. Heck you could buy two for the price of one of these cards and im sure it would out perform it by quite a bit.

Strange4091d ago

2 chips on one card. whoppee, that sounds like a cheap card :P

Expect this to be in the excess of $800.

Bonsai12144091d ago

hell, you could sli two 8800gt's and probably blow this card out of the water...

or you could wait for nvidia to release their 9 series. which will also probably blow this card out of the water.

when did ATI fall off the graphics card spectrum? i haven't heard anything from them since they were touting the x1900xtx as the greatest card ever... haha

Robeezy4091d ago

It is kind of sad. I used to be a supporter of their cards. Then i got a 6800gt and after that i never looked back. Maybe some day they will make a comeback but right now nVidia is making some serious cards at great prices, thats tough to beat.

Charlie26884091d ago

There is do doubt it could be twice as fast as the 8800 Ultra..but will it RUN games twice as faster? cuz if everyone remembers correctly ATI already taunted back at launch that that the Radeon HD 2900XT was faster than the 8800GTX...and well we all know what happened next...

and even then if it is not ULTRA cheap it wont even have a chance against the NVIDIAs 8800GT

mirroredderorrim4091d ago

Nvidia's 9 series will put some ownage on this card, benchmark-wise.

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The story is too old to be commented.