Some of the best third party games on the Wii

People say the Wii has Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Metroid, and Donkey Kong and that’s it. Sure the Wii has all those great first party titles and well known games, but what about lesser known 3rd party games? Games that may have slipped under the radar for most folks. With a slow gaming summer moving along, its time to hit the bargain bin. Here are some of the 3rd party Wii exclusive games that are decent games on the cheap.

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DarkCharizard_2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

I own these games -

Monster Hunter Tri
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Sonic Colors
Little King's Story
Zack & Wiki
Tatsunoko vs Capcom
Red Steel 2
No More Heroes 1,2
GoldenEye 007
Epic Mickey
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Trauma Centre: Second Opinion
Trauma Team
Boom Blox 1,2
Geometry Wars Galaxies
A Boy and His Blob
House of the Dead: OK

I'm looking forward to purchasing -

Bit. Trip Complete

RedDead2748d ago

There's a few good games on the Wii, that's why I got one, MH Tri, Super mario G, Super smash bros, RE1(even though it's a gamecube game) RE4(best on Wii, controller actually works well, best version by far the gamecube version). Last story and Xenoblade whenever they bother to come to EU.

darthv722748d ago

some of the wii-ware stuff. There are some good independent games but mostly I like the rebirth titles. Konami....I'm waiting for that metal gear rebirth that was rumored.

Sunsoft bringing back Blaster Master is a hit too. Rehashes of older NES games...yeah but they were games that were fun to begin with. I dont mind them and they arent to overpriced.

As far as retail games much potential from the light gun arcade days and we still dont have virtua cop. WTF Sega?

Shok2748d ago

Lol at the pointless disagrees xD. All you did was list games you own. Basically, people are mad to see that their "Wii has no 3rd-party games" argument get thrown out the window.

jagstatboy2748d ago

I didn't disagree with him but 3rd-party games on the Wii overall still suck. There are maybe 2 on his list worth buying.

kube002748d ago

I had forgotten about silent hill

zinkabassy2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Would probably have to choose either Deadly Creatures or Fatal Frame 4 import (English patch) for my favorite third party game on the wii,.. from exclusive and retail games,..

Guys please go buy Deadly creatures,.. because someone needs to support those guys (apparently it sold like shit),.. game is genius and has actually deep and awesome gameplay,.. Game is really adult people oriented,..

kramun2748d ago

I really enjoyed it as well, it's unlike anything you will find anywhere else. And I agree, it should have sold a lot more than it did.

CrescentFang2748d ago

Though Sin & Punishment is developed by Treasure, it's an IP owned by and published by Nintendo, right?
The only thing I don't like about this list is that there is no variety, most are just in some ways or forms shooters (s&p is a shmup though)
Some games DarkCharizard probably owns (considering the list he has up there) but might have forgotten:
Sky Crawlers - was great considering it is a licensed game
Fragile - though the combat didn't bother me (it most likely will bother others) the story pulled me in... the memories were just sometimes plan sad...
Tales of Symphonia 2 - was good considering it was a budget game
Arc Rise Fantasia - had a horrible English dub, but was great nonetheless

kube002748d ago

Sonic colors is another great game. I'd pass on Epic Mickey

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