Sun Joins llustrious Blu-ray Board

Sun Joins Illustrious Blu-ray Board

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BIadestarX5866d ago

Predictable. The blu-ray vs HD-TV is turning more political than anything. Sun would join anything that goes against microsoft.

Brandon5866d ago

i think that you guys are doing the same things against sony from a couple of years, anyway the things here are different, microsoft doesn't want to support hd-dvd but to make all the new format a failure because bd are used in the ps3 and if hd-dvd become a success they are still using old dvd in their 360(i think that no one will buy the hd-dvd addon)
now, about sun they are choosing bd because they can handle more data in the same medium, a lot of you will probabily say that we can use 3-4 dvd to have the same but think about win95 you can install it with 1 cd or with about 30 floppies if i remember well, same things with debian you can have 14 cd or 2 dvd(or 1 cd if you do the netinst :P)

achira5865d ago

yep, thats nice !!! has someone seen the new xgl for linux ??? this looks far better than vista !!! and you can surely install it on the ps3, cant wait !!!

Brandon5865d ago

xgl is from novell not sun.
sun made lg3d that it's similar but is in java and really slow

richie007bond5865d ago

For Sony, there are two reasons the company is convinced that integrated Blu-ray is the right way to go. First, the success of the PS2 as a DVD player was extraordinary. Considering the high prices of standalone DVD players at the time, at $300, the PS2 as a gaming console and DVD player was a deal. And it sold through the roof. Second, Sony sees the PS3 as the most effective way to infiltrate consumers, gamers in particular, with its next-generation disc format and win the grueling war against Toshiba and HD-DVD.

Sony is hoping to see the same results that the PS2 brought when it launches the PS3 this November, but it is highly unlikely that the same chain reaction will occur. DVD as a format is fairly new and still flourishing, and most would agree the majority of the world isn't ready for a format change. 1080p TVs are sparse in consumer homes, and I am willing to bet that the majority of DVD owners don't even bother to watch most extra features in movie discs. So what do we need the extra space for? The jump to digital video disc was a big one and a necessity for the consumer. But the transition to Blu-ray / HD-DVD is too soon, and it is really only a war between two consumer electronic giants.

I don't fault Sony for making a pricey gaming machine, but I don't think it's fair push something that people don't want. I don't think Microsoft has it completely right with its external HD-DVD add, either. But at least they are giving the consumer a choice. With the PS3, it's all or nothing. Sony IS going to cram Blu-ray down our throats whether we like it or not, so if you have to have a PS3, you're just going to have to deal with it.

Silent5865d ago

hd dvd will fade...the more space the better.
Its like a hard drive.