Halo different because “it doesn’t make itself easier if you suck”

The Halo series is “fundamentally different” to other shooters because of the way it responds to the player, says former Bungie dev – but it’s not “magical dynamic difficulty” that gives the game’s combat its unique feel.

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Minartis2656d ago

I like Halo , the gameplay feels 'open', it's like each time you replay a level different things happen.

The enemies are smart,+ unpredictable, and they're quite happy to use even your own weapons and vehicles against you.

Most other FPS's I've played, the bad guys are in the exact same spot and pretty much do the exact same thing every time..... which gets old real fast.

And the online and forge features are excellent! So yeah, I like Halo!

......I'm gonna go play Reach again, lol

bozebo2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Trueness ^.

mastiffchild2656d ago

I like Halo too-not AS much as I did but it's undeniably one of the great shooters of today. that said, I don't totally agree with what's said in the interview about the SP difficulty and AI.

To me Halo just does things ONE way and that doesn't make it any better or worse than another good shooter that does things a bit differently. Horses for courses and I just don't ever buy that there's just one way of doing things well-sure, Halo's a great series and does what it does really well but it's NOT the only way to make a great shooter and this implies it's on it's own when it's not.

bozebo2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

It has better AI than the other shooters...

Take CoD for example, where all the AI do is continually spam infinite grenades at you (just like the multiplayer).

And Crysis, where the AI stand about and maby shoot at you a little bit, standing still, before eventually dieing after the 300th headshot on them.

And operation flashpoint where the AI get stuck in walls or simply stand still and "crash".

Or Mass Effect, where the AI block you into a corner and won't move, or they get stuck in a wall somewhere (though this happens to the player too in that buggy mess). Or infact any other unreal engine game - the AI are either taking cover or moving to cover, and shoot at exact intervals apart. Or if the game doesn't have cover they just come running at you (Bioshock).

Infact Time Splitters and Perfect Dark had far better AI than most of these, far newer, games.

Seriously, Halo has the best AI I have ever seen in a shooter.

Jinxstar2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Enemy AI is good. However friendly AI can be down right horrid. Try getting in a turret on a warthog and see what the driver does...

Solidus187-SCMilk2656d ago

LOL, in crysis 2 the enemies couldnt even walk up stairs. The were coming toward me shooting, so I waited at the top of a total of like 8 stairs but they never came to get me. I went to look for them and found 4 of them clumped up at the bottom of the stairs just standing there.

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RedDead2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Yeah agreed, this is always why I like Halo's campaigns. THe enemies generally start in the same place but every single time it's different, they move somewhere else and all that lark. It eels open while it's still linear

Also, N4geeks down there, that's bullshit, what actually happens is you retreat, and the enemies try to recover what they lost. Unless it's grunts who generally shit themselves of anything. Either they're scared or suicidal.

news4geeks2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

“if your shields go down and you run for cover, it backs off and lets you catch your breath. In most games, if you hide behind cover the AI comes around the corner and roots you out, but the enemies in Halo won’t usually do that.”

lol what a cop-out for poor AI. I remember I used to always exploit that in Halo CE whilst thinking, "these enemies are so dumb".

@BeaArthur - that's a logical fallacy and you know it.

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The Meerkat2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

News4geeks either never played Halo or only ever played it on easy.

lastdual2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

I've always enjoyed the dynamic AI in the Halo games. Some of my most memorable firefights were against Elites, who could really surprise you with their tactics sometimes.

However, one thing they don't mention in the article is what I'd call the "energy shield effect".

In a game like CoD, the enemies die so fast that even if they had decent AI, you wouldn't notice it. As soon as they're in your sights, they're dead. Thanks to energy shields, major foes in Halo are more likely to live long enough to actually show off what their AI can do (plus their tactics change depending on whether their shields are popped or not, etc. - more room for different behaviors).

Simco8762656d ago

Halo doesn't make itsel.....zzzZZzzzz

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