Resistance 3 '11 Minutes of Multiplayer Beta gameplay' [HD]

Check out some multiplayer gameplay from the Resistance 3 Beta.

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ThatIrishGamer2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

At around the 1:20 mark after capturing that thing. . .100 bullets to get a kill? Seriously? Hate that stuff.

SoapShoes2704d ago

The fact that it doesn't have regenerative health ALONE means it won't even play like COD. Just because something has kill streak rewards does not mean it plays like COD, it looks just like the previous Resistance games to me only with updates.

Fox012704d ago

Dude, this looks like CoD in every aspect, even the maps.

I hope it's 60fps at least. is it?

SoapShoes2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

No it's not 60fps and it doesn't look much different from Resistance 2 on small maps.

Even if it copied COD exactly the fact that it doesn't have regen would make it play completely differently simply because you don't just hide and recharge.

bruddahmanmatt2704d ago

Ehhhhh, I dunno. I'm not really impressed with what I see here. Visually the game looks a step behind from this generation's best. I was willing to forgive R2 for not looking at good at KZ2 because of the fact that R2 allowed for 60 players on the screen at once, but given that the max number of players has been dialed back to 16 for R3, the visuals are pretty fugs. I don't mind the desaturated color (takes me back to R:FOM whereas R2 was a little oversaturated) but the textures themselves look downright nasty when the player was pressed up close against an object.

As for the multiplayer, to be honest I felt like 10v10 was just right for R2, but that doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy a nice 20v20 match or an occasional 30v30 epic battle every now and again. 8v8 seems inexcusable. Even Battlefield with its full destruction is capable of 12v12.

I realize that this is only the beta, but I'm not gonna get my hopes up. There's some polishing to be done here and there, but I doubt the final product differs very much from what we're seeing right now. Given that R3 had a three year development window (as opposed to the more frequent two year window), I'm disappointed thus far. I REALLY hope Insomniac proves me wrong.

bruddahmanmatt2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

@Estranged I dunno what the hell you think you're talking about, but in the video the player's health clearly regenerates after some time.

MaxXAttaxX2704d ago

...this looks pretty cool:

Looks nothing like COD.
The whole science fiction scene and unique weapons by Insomniac, automatically make it better than COD IMO.

Pixel_Pusher2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

multiplayer looks awesome can't wait!

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T-K47x2704d ago

100 Bullets are you kidding me he fired 30. Started off with 108 rounds and reloaded to get 78.

manitobawpg2704d ago

You can clearly see him not hitting the enemy. basically just spraying.

but good try

Snowii2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

im disappointed

i remember the first beta i watched it had a colorful map and some awesome weapons

this looks like cod

DoomeDx2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

"3 Kill Streak - Assault Shield"

Is this the direction the game is going?...

EDIT: The map totally reminded me of Overgrown from CoD4.

-Alpha2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Yeah, that really annoys me too.

Although I wasn't a fan of Resistance's huge MP, they could have stuck out and made it work better. MAG did an excellent job with structure, which I felt Resistance was sort of lacking

I like arena-MP games but Resistance 3 looks too typical. I'm still interested if not purely for the arena-MP but I think COD and UC3 are going to be stronger choices. R3 looks like a direct response to COD and it's just not popular enough to beat that game. Add the fact that R1/R2 fans have to adapt to an entirely different MP game whose style may not even interest them, and I dont know how Resistance 3's MP will do next to the other shooters.

Tough competition

LOGICWINS2704d ago

Yup, huge COD influence. Wouldn't say its bad though. Considering Black Ops is the best selling PS3 game of all time, its an intelligent business move. PS3 gamers that don't like twitchy shooters have many other options such as UC3 and BF3.

Shmotz2704d ago

@ Alpha

The huge battles in Fall Of Man worked pretty well except there was abusing the weapon spawns where one team would have all the power weapons while the other team would be stuck with the Carbine.
Resistance 2's 60 player was pure chaos. Explosions and other things going off left and right where doing well didn't rely on skill more so luck. The devs have actually discussed the smaller maps and teams stating that they want to focus on teamwork and having gamesm ore organized.

The thing with this video is the player played it like Call Of Duty and didnt do so hot. It's really frustrating because I want to explain so much on how much the beta(so far) isn't like CoD but I cant due to an agreemant with IG.

I will say that FoM and R2 players will both feel at home.

HeavenlySnipes2704d ago

sort of a killstreak thing going. It was easier though. In order to get the ability you picked in your loadout, you had to get a certain number of kills (not in a row). Making them killstreaks will at least make it harder for people to spam the pulse cannons and LAARKs.

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DrFUD2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

I thought it was a COD / Resistance mod


and I like COD, but if I want to play COD I'll play COD so, yeah...I'm confused. How many COD's do they think I'm gonna buy? One a year is my limit

-Alpha2704d ago

Yeah, that's how I feel R1/R2 fans reaction is too: If I want COD, I'll play COD

And COD is best at being COD.

I feel that the game is coming out at a horrible time for its MP

SoapShoes2704d ago

Why don't you play it, Alpha, before judging it? You can't judge a game based on watching someone horrible play it.

Reminds me of people saying GT5 would be hard because amateurs kept crashing and spinning out in the videos.

-Alpha2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )


I don't have to play it to see that kill streaks exist and that the MP has changed from 60 players to 16

Besides, the point of posting such a video is to judge what you see

GarandShooter2704d ago

'Besides, the point of posting such a video is to judge what you see'

Doesn't necessarily make it a valid point or even good point.

I'll do like I do with all other games I'm interested in. I'll decide after playing it.

SoapShoes2704d ago

There is more to gameplay than just kill streaks and player size.

Are you saying Resistance 1 or 2 would have been a COD clone if they lowered the player count and added killstreaks? lol, I don't think so!

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Armyntt2704d ago

Im not disappointed by this because it is the beta but if the finished version looks like this i would be. Plus it does have a kinda COD alien feel to it.

RememberThe3572704d ago

F*ck that. This game looks dope!

MGRogue20172704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

everything sounds great except for that one orgasmic sound effect voiced by a female that continuously pops up randomly throughout the vid lol

You can hear it at around the 04:08 mark. xD

Silly gameAr2704d ago

All of these recent vids are getting me even more pumped for the game.

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