PS Vita: BioShock series to debut on handheld?

It’s hard to miss BioShock – Infinite. If it’s not winning arm loads of awards from hardened video game critics, it’s wowing people with its awesome release videos. It is definitely an FPS title worth paying attention to.

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MasterCornholio2740d ago

3DS owners should not have to buy a vita to enjoy this title. So they should make it for the 3DS as well to be fair to 3DS owners.

No one should have to miss out on Bioshock its a great franchise.

superadvanced2740d ago

nintendo wasnt very fair to you for selling you that thing for 250 bucks

MasterCornholio2740d ago

Every company has the right to sell something at a profit. So what if Nintendo makes a big profit off the 3DS they have every right to do so. Its just that its unfair that a great title like bioshock isn't coming out for the 3DS.

Inception2739d ago

3DS can't handle Bioshock ^^