Diehard GameFAN: Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon Review

DHGF: Imagine you’re at a picnic with your family. You’re enjoying some nice sandwiches, cold lemonade, and maybe some nice coleslaw or something. It’s a nice day. Then, out of nowhere, ants start showing up. Normally, that’s just a minor inconvenience. However, this time, the ants are the size of a Buick. Also, it’s not just ants. There are also spiders. They’re the size of TWO Buicks. Things are not looking so well.

You’ve got to call someone to deal with this pesky insect problem. You could try pest control, but I doubt they’d give you a good rate. You could try the army, but if movies are anything to go by, they’ll just blow up the whole damn area with a nuke rather than get their hands dirty. We can’t have that. This is a nice town. The best bet is the Earth Defense Force. These guys specialize in the removal of giant insects/aliens, and they only destroy half of your city in the process! I’d call that a win/win scenario.

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