House of the Dead Overkill Extended Gets A Ton Of Images & Details

Sega have just release a ton of screens and character art for the upcoming House of the Dead Overkill title. Along with screenshot's Sega have confirmed some new the details that will be exclusive for PS3 players.

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sarshelyam2652d ago

...apparently she's gone all Librarian looking at North America's cover, versus Europe's. Strange, I had no idea we in the USA were so anti-breast. Go figure!

Wolfie2652d ago

very nice, i enjoyed Dead Space: Extraction (which is another railshooter horror for PS Move) so i;m sure i will like this game too :)

NukaCola2652d ago

I had this on Wii and it was so awesome. I am definetly scooping this up, but did they remove the Grindhouse film grain effect?

Lethaltare2652d ago

I personally hope they bring that back! I loved the Wii version because of the effect.

AKissFromDaddy2652d ago

This is a fun game on the Wii. Even better with extended version for PS3 but the it will be EVVVVENNN BETTER if online co-op is added.

OT: Be great if this was on PC. Would justify buying a Razer Hydra.