How to create, upload and download a PS3 Theme

PlayStation Universe provides a basic refresher course on how to create a PS3 Theme and download it onto your console. Create a PS3 Theme competitions will launch in the coming weeks.

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Kee2656d ago

Lol. I stopped checking that website for new themes long ago because people stopped making them. It's like it went out of fashion.

morganfell2656d ago

Seriously? You haven't been checking around, that much is obvious.


Surf to it on your PS3's browser and you can download/install in one click.

People have been nonstop including dynamic themes.

Kee2656d ago

Thanks for the link.

There's a few good ones, but there's way too many marijuana themes for my liking lol.

jonnyvito2656d ago

Not any mroe, there's going to be a lot of competitions!

Bonobo123452656d ago

I got an amazing Universe theme that someone had made on that website.

Love that you can get Dynamic themes on there.
With all that people say about the XMB It is the most customisable interface of the three consoles.

nopunctuation2656d ago

Making themes is fun but there is onyl so much you can make with photoshop sliders. Plus with dynamic themes, regular themes are pretty irrelevant now.

Tyre2656d ago

couple of my dynamic themes are on in the gaming and dynamic section...check out my Gears of War Theme/Crysis 2 Dynamic Theme.