Batman: Arkham City, Battlefield 3 and Resistance 3 discounted by Newegg

Online retailer is offering pre-order discounts to three highly-anticipated video games: Batman: Arkham City, Battlefield 3 and Resistance 3.

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Agent-862742d ago

Not a bad deal. Only thing is you have to wait 3 days for delivery.

evrfighter2742d ago

insanely tempted by it but knowing me im gonna be itching to play this day 1. looks like I'm gonna have to wait for the gift card/credit offers from best buy wal-mart or amazon.

Unfortunately I don't believe it's coming to steam and I sure as heck won't buy it off Origin.

alster232742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

is there a deadline for using the codes??

nevermind found it haha

SP3333D-O2742d ago

Tempting, but I cannot not play this October 25!

DeadlyFire2740d ago

Depends on if its in stock on the 25th. Might have to wait a week. My store typically is run dry of the game if its something good its empty.